Carlo Amadori, Italian (1942 - )

Born in Ravenna in 1942, Carlo Amadori attended the Academy of Fine Arts at Ravenna and studied under Professor Orselli for one term before transferring to San Lazzaro of Savena where he still lives today.

His first personal art exhibit was in 1967. In 1969, he was a founding partner of the Bolognese Group's "Studio Immagini Alternative" which operated until 1973. Carlo Amadori has been painting for over 30 years but he also knows how to bring to life his intuitions and passions, manifesting his multifaceted talent. A very eclectic character he shows his creativity even becoming in 1986 Head Curator of Abitare il Tempo, International Design fair that takes place in Verona. This annual event explores the world of design, of art and architecture, with the particular intention of joining the commercial aspect with an extensive section dedicated to cultural displays, all projected and desiged by famous international architects.

His interests also include archeology and a grand passion for antique art; because of this, he decided to create and organize in 1991, the Salon International of Restored Art and of the Conservation of the Cultural and Environment in Ferrara, joined today with the XV edition. Notwithstanding his innumerable interests, his paintings have remained within himself as a sort of quintessence that brings nourishment to his every effort.

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