Juan Sebastián Barberá Durón, Mexican (1964 - )

Juan Sebastian Barbera was born in Mexico City in 1964. He studied art at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM (Mexico) and industrial design at the UAM (Mexico). Barbera’s artwork has been featured in more than twenty-seven shows in Mexico, the United States, Spain, France, and India.

Individual exhibitions, over 30 in different countries: Mexico, Spain, India and France.

Collective Exhibitions, more than 10 in all the Latin Amerrican countries. Participant in the international project promoting culture “Periolibros e Iberoamerica pinta” from the Fondo de Cultura Economica (Economic Culture Fund) and the UNESCO, with a collection of surealist drawings that illustrate the work of the Nobel Literature Prize, Jose Saramago.

Has been edited by the taller catalan Poligrafa de Barcelona (a Catalan polygraph workshop) with the collection “Los Conjuros”. He has also been edited several times by the Emilio Payan workshop in Mexico and published as well by the Ditoria workshop with the book “Objeto casi” (Almost an Object) in Mexico.

Winner of the contest “Juguete arte objeto” (Art Object Toy) in México. Designer of the corporate image of Lumen e Hiperlumen (an office supply store) which he won the Quorum award. Designer of the new editorial image for the textbooks for the Conalep (National Vocational School). Desinger of his own artistic agenda, in which part of the work created each year is published.

Creator of murals: for the new Librería Gandhi (bookstore) “Visiones de la Transformación del hombre”, Lucent Technologies “ Comunicación Tecnológica”, 11 Caffetino “il piacere del sensi”, Bolívar 12, “Danza Nocturna” and Sport City “Deporte Infinito”, creator of the monumental sculpture for the Conalep “El Hombre Nuevo”, the Altavista passage “Mural Mundo Onirico”, Restaurante Central “Mural-vitral Suculencias”, painting presentation at the Restaurante Central “Sian-Ka’an”.

Member of the General Assembly of Associates of the Colegio Madrid and honorary member of the government and administrative body of the Colegio Madrid. 1998 - 2004.

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