Charles Bibbs, American

Charles Bibbs is an accomplished Fine Artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has always believed that we are the keepers of our culture, and as such, has spent much of his time working towards developing a cohesive, energized African American Community. Charles Bibbs’ artwork manages to fuse African American and Native American cultural themes that make powerful cross cultural statements. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions that cross ethnic, gender and generational barriers. His artistic renderings convey a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and grace. It is sufficient to say that however his works are viewed or whatever individual emotions they may evoke, they remain characteristically and recognizably Bibbs.

“My most important goal is to make profound aesthetic statements, that are ethnically rooted, and at the same time arouse spiritual emotions within us.”

Charles has also founded a number of organizations and businesses to help in the growth of African American artistic expression such as: Art 2000, Art on Tour, Images Magazine and the Inland Empire Music and Arts Foundation. Charles Bibbs’ own corporation, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc., is recognized as one of the leading publishers and distributors of beautiful African American images. For many years, we have introduced nothing but the best quality and technically advanced prints to our customers.

Texture, movement, and energy are regarded as hallmarks of fine art. These are the elements that form the nucleus and soul of the imagery of nationally renowned artist, Charles A. Bibbs.
Using his ethnic heritage as inspiration, along with a mixture of realism and fantasy, he has developed a distinctive style that is uniquely Charles Bibbs. a native of Southern California, Bibbs' exposure to African and Native American art, which both have a distinct spiritual motivation, is strongly reflected in his works.

Comments are often made about the larger-than-life appearance of Bibbs' work. "A lot of artists paint from different vantage points in reality. Same paint from the top looking down, others from straight on. I have a tendency to paint as if I'm looking up. That has always been my viewpoint on life -- from the bottom up."

This viewpoint has lead to the exaggerated hands, feet, and height of Bibbs' characters, that has become a trademark of his work.

If there is one thing that the Moreno Valley, CA artist wants to convey to viewers of his work, it is that each of his paintings is a reflection of themselves. "I want them to realize that each piece of art is about them. It's about the deep inner feelings of one person being pictured in a way that touches you."


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