Ross Bleckner, American (1949 - )

Ross Bleckner
Bleckner emerged as a central figure in the revival of American painting, a position he has solidified in the 1990’s. Through various subjects and motifs – optically dizzying stripes, nocturnal landscapes, funerary urn, memorial imagery, chandeliers, abstract domes, birds, sunflowers and constellations – Bleckner evokes memory, desire, and irony in order to examine the uncertainty of the human condition, while simultaneously celebrating the transcendent principles of nature and the cosmos.

Bleckner’s principle focus is the theme that pervades his work: light in a series of essays for the catalogue of his retrospective at the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum March 3 - May 14, 1995, the beauty and presence of the Bleckner’s paintings was captured by Lisa Dennison, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at the Solomon R Guggenheim museum, Thomas Crow, Professor of History of Art at the University of Sussex and Simon Watney, critic. Bleckner’s work was placed in the context of recent art history. The text and show explore the interplay between Bleckner’s painterly inventiveness and the rediscovery of themes and effects used by artists of another age.

Works by Ross Bleckner are in the principle museums of contemporary art including; the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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