Carolyn Bullis Blish, American (1928 - )

Carolyn Blish is a former model, actress, and television newscaster who began painting in the early 1950s. Carolyn Blish's mother recognized early on that her daughter had artistic gifts. Carolyn Blish first began exhibiting her art nationally in 1965. A member of the prestigious American Watercolor Society, watercolor is Carolyn Blish's preferred medium because of its spontaneous quality.

Carolyn Blish's watercolors are featured in her book, Drawing Closer. “The most important thing to me is the feeling of my art - which is hopefully love made visible - rather than just technical facility,” Carolyn Blish says. “Everything I do is about all beauty points to God, who is the Creator of all beauty. And I believe all fine art bears witness to Him.”

Observe her paintings... her heart.
Is it any wonder Carolyn is a collector's delight?

"Painting is like a best friend waiting to be hugged, and daily I embrace it with all my energy. My studio is my nest, a place just for me. In the midst of paints, brushes and easel I explore the delight of painting. Each painting is a love affair. How I love the smell of paint, the flow of color, the feel of the brush in my hand! Even before the work is begun, it is long contemplated in my heart.

As I stand before the white, blank rectangle of my canvas, the excitement of visualizing the finished painting sweeps over me.
Faith is seeing the unseen as reality.
Hope is the pigment waiting to be used.
Love is the brush applying paint to the canvas.

Each new painting is a joyful celebration of life. The joy is found in total submersion in the activity of doing...not outside of it. Art is never an outside, separate thing. I have to get that brush in my hand and start moving it. This is a conscious decision on my part. The power comes in the doing.

Painting is the closest thing to prayer that I know. My faith is the most important substance of my life, and painting reminds me of how all beauty points to God... the Creator of all things beautiful. I believe every work of fine art bears witness to Him.

The important thing is not the painting itself, but the love with which it is painted - love is the supreme ingredient. It is technique that enables an artist to paint, but it is love that makes the painting art.

I have an endless fascination with my subjects; the ever-changing moods and rhythms of the shoreline, flowers and children that melt and flow together... soft, fresh, and fleeting. In contrast, rustic country landscapes and the rockbound ledges of the downeast coast of Maine take on a different hue. But all are images that offer the authenticity and inner life that call to be painted.

Recently, a new perspective has taken hold of my brush and heart... inspiration from the Scriptures, the written language of the Creator.

It is my great joy to share with other people the subjects I love. This is why it delights me to make prints of my work available to collectors. It gives me a sense of connection and sharing with others whom I will never have the opportunity of meeting or knowing."

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