Herve Bordas, French (1952 - )

Herve Bordas

Born in Paris in 1952

First paintings in 1966

Under paternal pressure, frequent different schools without success
Readings of Freud and Breton and the Surrealists and meeting with the works of Ernst, Miro, Gorky, Tobey, Michaux and Pollock

Studied guitar with Alexandre Lagoya want to follow the conservatory in Venice

1969 - Dream of becoming a world champion in the javelin before snapping the shoulder muscle
1972 - First lithographs at Mourlot in surreal taste
1977 - Visit the exhibition of Henri Michaux At Cardinal Point (flying one would work but did not dare), and Paul Klee at the Maeght Foundation
1978 - Curator 50 years lithographs, Homage to Fernand Mourlot, at the Palais des Papes in Avignon
Collaborated with his brother at the opening of the first shop in the Marais Bordas, Guillemites street, where he continued active research lithographic
Meet Alain Jouffroy which he asked the preface to the catalog of his first exhibition
Meet Meret Oppenheim
1980 - Meeting Matta
Illustrates the text by Alain Jouffroy, The world is a Table
1980 and 1981 - Interview with Michel Chapuis of France-Musique
1982 - 1984 Between the service of Jean Dubuffet as a driver and warehouseman, he can study at leisure the scenes of interesting art
Published in 1983 with Jean-Christophe Bailly Per Modo di Vestigio illustrated book of lithographs
1984 - Participates passively at the funeral of Jean Dubuffet and declares its official death the mayor of the 6th arrondissement
1984 - Belongs to number 5 of the journal Hazard, led by Jean-Christophe Bailly, with the text: Descent and several original photographs of Venetian reflections
1986 - Stop suddenly all artistic activity
Travel in Europe, Turkey and Egypt and indulges in pictorial photography. Is captivated by the paintings of Thebes and those of Roman art, but also the silent processions mosaics of Ravenna (San Apollinare in Classe) or procession Hittite Bogazkoy
1990 - Moved to Venice with Michelle to open the Prova d'Artista gallery specializing in print
made the acquaintance of Zoran Music, too, shared between Paris and Venice, to which he devotes his first exhibition
1991 - Death in Venice Lorenzo the Magnificent
1996-2000 Collect shells and Giorgio Griffon created a completely original site dedicated to different species (140) of the Venetian coast "Conchiglie Veneziane"
1998 - Draft several remained unpublished texts and a few aphorisms under the title
"A skull recounted his life ..."
Goes back to painting
2002 - Continues to lower the study of classical guitar
2003 - Publication with Domenico Brancale, Canti Affilati, published Masoero, Turin
2003 Exhibition Drill - Processions to Arenthon gallery in Paris
Expostion Matera to Abc gallery
Involved in the instigation of Domenico Brancale at number three of the journal A Camasce
2005 Publishes Frantoi with Domenico di Luce Brancale, Editions Mavida. On this occasion, revives lithography, this forgotten craft in the workshops Fratelli Manfredi

Solo Exhibitions:
Physiogrammes, The Drawing Gallery, Paris 1980
Graphik, Galerie Limmer, 1981, Freiburg
Fragments, Galerie V. Veteau, 1982, Paris
Paintings on paper, Gallery Hachmeister, 1982 Munster
Per Modo di Vestigio, Gallery 7, Paris
Bilder und Graphik, Hachmeister Gallery, 1984 Munster
Drills and processions, Arenthon Gallery, 2003, Paris

Group Exhibitions:
Folds, Textiles, Clothing, The Drawing Gallery, 1979 Paris
Lithographic prints, Kato Gallery, 1980, Tokyo
Paris-Tokyo, 5 artists, gallery Warabi, 1981Tokyo
26th Salon de Montrouge, 1981
Tributes, House of Culture, 1982 Le Havre
Lithographs, Gallery Seoul 1982 Korea
Severe Man, Festival of Humanity, 1983, Paris
Biennial of Prints, 1984, Mulhouse
Maison de la Culture in Grenoble, 1984
Press Paper, 1984, Strasbourg
Art 84 Basel Fair International 1984
Agnes B Gallery, 1986 Paris


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