Arun Bose, Indian/American (1934 - 2007)

Arun Bose

Arun Bose, born in Dacca , now Bangladesh , Arun Bose recieved his training at the Goverment College of Art & Craft , Calcutta and also at the Ecole Superieur des Beaux Arts , Paris . He was also awarded a rockefeller Scholarship to the U.S.A . Bose has held solo exhibitions in Calcutta , Chile and New York and his work can be found in the Academy of Fine Arts , Calcutta and the National Gallery of Modern Art , New Delhi .

   An artist of Indian origin, Arun Bose lives and works in New York. His images of deserted old buildings with courtyards, terraces with occasional peacocks, or their shadows silhouetted against old walls seem haunted by memories of medieval India. He uses layers of paints, which he occasionally rubs with a rag dipped in alcohol to achieve the texture of old worn stones. The charm of Bose's paintings however, lies in their smooth lacquer-like finish and immaculate craftsmanship. Set against a flat burnished background, the architecture - illuminated by a steady golden light that streaks across the picture from some low-lying source - casts deep shadows and evokes a sense of mystery. In Bose's own words in the Christian Science Monitor, 'Shadow is much more mysterious than life. If I see life, I see everything. But if I see shadow, only the silhouette - the rest you imagine. I like mystery'.

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