Bradford Brenner, American

Gert Brenner

Artist Bradford Brenner likes to say he hasn't had a real job since 1989, but really this self-taught artist has been busy creating inspired original art. He creates his works in the heart of California's Wine Country, in the picturesque town of Healdsburg. This idyllic setting no doubt imbues his canvases with signature natural beauty and ease.

Evoking Mood and Feeling
"Art, for me, is about creating a feeling that can be shared. Art is about relationships. The relationship between light and dark, color and non-color, warm and cool, form and formless. Most importantly, art is about the relationship between the viewer and the painting." Brenner's pieces evoke a variety of moods. His colorful Lollipop Trees are playful and refreshing. His landscapes are quietly dramatic, soothing and impressionistic.

Brenner's style spans everything from quirky to traditional in tone, but always with feeling at the center of the piece. His art draws the viewer in and makes them feel a part of the scene. The central theme and key to Brenner's art is connection to the viewer. "As with the interconnectedness of individual components of a work of art, there is an interconnectedness between people that binds them to something greater than themselves. It is that feeling that I'm trying to capture and reconnect both myself and the viewer to."

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