Pietro Bulloni, Italian (1947 - )

Pietro Bulloni

Can an artist whose name is “Bulloni” (meaning “Bolts” in Italian) be uninfluenced by such a name in identifying so closely to simple objects of everybody’s working life? It wouldn’t seem so, since the artist himself likes to define himself as an image “worker”, a lover of “simplicity” as a means of getting in direct, immediate communication with those who look at his works.

All this recalls, of course, the inspiring models that Bulloni recognizes as his spiritual leaders, i.e. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the mythical standard bearers for “Pop Art”, to whom his love for the brightness and smoothness of acrylic colors (but his old job as a graphic designer exerts and influence, too!) as well as the neatness of lines evoking objects of everybody’s life all hint.

But not all that appears really “is”, because the heaps of books in his pictures, the windows, the bottles, the furniture, the bicycles, the chairs in their trembling contours and chromatic brightness, isolated in space as if by some pictorial zooming, burst out like flash backs, where the remembrance of Van Gogh’s hallucinated interiors (Bulloni’s “Yellow Chair” seems to be a sister to the chair shown in Vincent’s “Room”, painted in 1888) makes a pair with Dali’s oneiric raptures (Bulloni’s “Five Bottles” look like surreal variations of the Spanish artist’s women, with or without drawers). Not to speak of the original invention of the “check-catalog”, if not even the travel equipment of tourists between the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Century.

All but simple, then, Bulloni’s paintings are able to communicate the complexity of Reality in a simple way.               -Silvano Godani

Honors / Awards

- Pietro Bulloni holds the National Oscar for cultural exchange between Milan and the United States.
- He was awarded the “Golden David” (il Davide d’Oro) by the City of Florence.
- He obtained the first prize in the Palace of Congress Roma Artistic Review, patronized by the President of the Republic.
- His works can be found in public and private Italian and foreign collections, and has exhibited in most of the important Italian galleries and many museums in Europe.

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