Sakti Burman, Indian (1935 - )

Sakti Burman was born in Calcutta in 1935. He studied art in Calcutta and Paris. From the mid-50s, he has been living in Paris. However, he has been visiting and exhibiting in India quite regularly.

Sakti Burman's paintings weave myriad motfis culled from imagination and reality into a filigree of dreamscapes. With their soothing colors and rich textures these works combine the formal and stylstic values of Renaissance and Baroque art with native Indian myths and folklore. From the 1970s onwards Sakti's works display a greater formal clarity.

Burman is a fine lithographer who can achieve an incredible range of tonal and textural variations. He has illustrated several books such a collection of Mallarme's poems. He has also published portfolios of his lithographs.

Burman's images are steeped in romanticism and fantasy. Europe and India are fused in his imagination. Exotic birds and blooms sprout from unlikely places. Sensuously painted women loll about in a mythical or oneiric landscape. The surface is usually textured like aging frescos.


Paris Biennale, 1963, 64, 65, 67
Salon d'Automne
Salon de Etrangers, Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Salon de la Societe Nationale des Beaux Arts
Salon des Artistes Francais
Salon des Terres Latines, Museum of Modern Art, Paris
Salon de Montreuil
Salon de Juvisy
Musse du Harve
Galerie Lucie Weill, Paris
Partridge Gallery, New York

One Man Shows:

Ashoka Gallery, Calcutta
Galeria des Beaux Arts, Paris
Piccadilly Gallery, London
All India Fine Arts Society, New Delhi
Galerie St. Placide, Paris
Scott & Faure Gallery, California
Kunika Art Centre, New Delhi,
Galerie Gerard Sauret Libos, France


National Gallery of New Zealand
The Museum of the City of Paris
National Gallery of New Delhi
Punjab Museum
Allahabad Museum
The Leichestershire Education Committee
The Hull Education Committee
The Yorkshire Education Committee
All India Fine Arts Society of New Delhi
Lord and Taylor of New York

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