Rafaello Busoni, German/American (1900 - 1962)

Rafaello Busoni

Rafaello Busoni (born 1 February 1900 in Berlin, and Died March 1962 in New York) was a graphic artist, illustrator, painter and illustrator of theater and opera literature, children's books, and author of several books.

His parents were the famous Italian musician and composer Ferruccio Busoni and Gerda Sjöstrand, the daughter of a Swedish sculptor.

After his art training in Switzerland, he worked in Paris and Berlin, where he earned his reputation as an illustrator. First marriage married the Japanese Hide Busoni; her daughter Kiki was born in 1927. Hide died in 1930 of tuberculosis after treatment in Switzerland was unsuccessful.
The second marriage concluded with Hannah Busoni, daughter of the renowned lawyer Dr. Alfred Apfel, who had defended the Carl von Ossietzky world stage process. Hannah, long-standing friend of the family, had been in turn, piano student of Heath. In January 1935, the couple walked together with Kiki out to Madeira and lived there until the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Then they returned to Berlin. In November 1938, their son Mario was born. Since you could not stay in Germany because of Jewish origin Hannah, Busoni decided with his family to Sweden, to pull his mother's home country, the assumption here ultimately to be sure.
However, after only six months, the Busoni were forced to leave the country again.
Instead of alternative Germany or Italy in October 1939 they took a ship in Norway to New York. Here Busoni continued his life as a painter and illustrator until his death in 1962.

Rafaello Busoni acquired at an early age to travel to his father's side, a cosmopolitan look. At home he received diverse literary suggestions. Busoni was self-taught in his artistic career. He received shorter instructions at the Swiss painter Eduard Stiefel (life drawing) and in the etching and printing from the Hungarian Eraser Ricardo Hadel.
In 1917, the first public exhibition of works by Rafaello Busoni took place in the Zurich gallery Tanner. The five-year stay in Switzerland is regarded as the basis of his artistry. This is followed by Paris, Berlin and joined much later New York. Here he won his first prize in the competition of a 'Limited Edition' clubs.

Rafaello Busoni illustrated many classic works of youth and adventure literature like Robinson Crusoe, Tom Sawyer, David Copperfield, Robin Hood and many more:
Topics of the biblical Orient ("Song of Songs", "The Ten Plagues")
E.A. Poe's tale ("The Raven")
Georg Buchner ("Woyzeck")
R.M. Rilke ("Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet")
Verdi ("Rigoletto" motifs)
R. Busoni ("America" ​​folio work on the evolution of d. New Continent, D. Vlg Atlantic Bookstore, Berlin)
G. Flaubert ("Three Stories")
Books [Edit]
America, 12 etchings, A. Rogall, Berlin 1924
The man who what Don Quixote, the story of Miguel Cervantes
Australia, Holiday House, New York 1942
Mexico and the Inca lands
Arlecchino: a theatrical Capriccio, and Rafaello Busoni, Ferruccio Busoni, Berlin, 1932.
Stanley in Africa, Books Gutenberg, Zurich 1949
Rafaello Busoni, Rafaello Busoni Papers 1942-1959.

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