Claude Cambour, French (1940 - )

Claude Cambour was born in the region of Normandy, France in 1940.  The Cambour home was frequented by artists, and Cambour’s grandfather lived in the company of the renowned French painter Maurice de Vlaminck (1876 – 1958), and Cambour’s daughter played with his children.  Vlaminck, along with three other artists (Albert Marquet, Henri Matisse and Andre Derain) were influenced by Cezanne and catapulted into being the movement known as Fauvism.

Cambour has lived in various parts of France.  While living on the banks of the Marne at Nogent (near Paris), the artist developed his technique under the tutelage of  artist Maurice Martin.  Cambour’s style evolved into one of modern impressionism; using dots of color to bring forth shapes, distance, tones and textures, his palette covers the entire spectrum of the chromatic chart.

Ranging from reds to blues to violets, greens and yellows, the artist’s compositions are intended to suggest explosion of feeling.  Most of his compositions depict the same locations which Monet, Renoir and Sisley painted, yet Cambour’s interpretations are his own:  foliated gardens, swaying willows, floating petals and looking glass ponds.  His goal is to exhibit the very essence of nature – absolute beauty.

Cambour has internationally exhibited his works, displaying nearly one hundred canvases in Giverny and many other works from England to the United States and Japan.  Currently living in his native France, Cambour’s hopes to paint Monet’s garden and other places of historic beauty, capturing anew that, which so inspired the early impressionists.

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