Jaime Carrasquilla, Colombian (1945 - )

Jaime Carrasquilla

1945 - born on 8 February in Cartagena, Colombia


Sculpture and Painting, School of Fine Arts in Cartagena.
Academy of San Fernando. Madrid, Spain.
Academy of Florence, Italy.
Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany.


MURAL "TORRES" (3.5 x 1.40 m) Banco Popular Branch Mamonal Cartagena.
MURAL "Fanfare for a Navigator (8.20 x 2.10 meters) Hotel Cartagena
Hilton. 1997
BUST. Bronze. Vicente Martinez Martelo. Pie de la Popa. Cartagena. 1996
HEADS. Bronze. Monument to the Constitution of 1886. El Cabrero. Cartagena
Sculpture "THE SINGER" School of Fine Arts in Cartagena, 1985
Sculpture "The Bather". Bocagrande beaches, Cartagena. 1984
"CAPTAIN" Oil. Collection Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena


2009 Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena
Remax 2007. Seattle, USA
2006 Julieta Alvarez Gallery, Medellin
2005 Andres Bello Cultural Center, Bogotá
Italian Cultural Center 2003 Headquarters in Bogota
2002 George M. Sori Fine Art Coral Gables, USA.
Mateo Sariel Gallery 2001, Panama
Art Gallery 1994 Highway, Medellin
1993 Belarca Gallery, Bogotá
Alvaro Vanegas 1992 Modern Art Gallery, Cali
1991 Belarca Gallery, Bogotá
Art Gallery 1990 Highway, Medellin
Art Gallery 1987 Highway, Medellin
1985 Chamber of Commerce Cultural Center, Bogotá
Gallery 1984 DINERS, Bogotá
1983 Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena
1982 Gallery Bogotá
Gallery 1981 Skandia, Cartagena
Art Gallery 1980 Highway, Medellin
1979 French Colombo Gallery, Ottawa.
Gallery 1978 Cattle Bank, Cartagena


2010 Juannio 2010, Guatemala. 2009 Art Gala, Guatemala. 2008 Juannio 2008, Guatemala. 2007 Julietta Alvarez Gallery, Medellin. Patricia Cameron Gallery, Seattle, USA. Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá: "Love is in the air". 2006 Gallery The Garage, Bogota, Kite Gallery, Bogota. 2005 Gallery Wall, Bogota, Kite Gallery, Bogotá, The Garage Gallery, Bogota, ARTBO Art Fair of Bogota. 2004 George M. Sori Fine Art, Coral Gables, USA 2001 George M. Sori Fine Art, Coral Gables, USA. Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena, "New Grants". 2000 George M. Sori Fine Art, Coral Gables, USA. Gallery Julieta Alvarez, Medellin. 1999 Biennial 1,2,3 El Salvador Gallery. 1998 George Nader Gallery, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1997 Shape and Color of Colombia, Bogotá. Art Gallery 1995 Highway, Medellin. Contemporary Painters., Form and Color of Colombia, Miami, USA. 1994 Belarca Gallery, Bogota. Universal newspaper, Cartagena. 1993 El Universal, Cartagena. 1992 ARTFI 92, Bogota. Morales Girl Gallery, Cartagena. 1991 FIART 91, 1990 FIART 90 Bogotá, Bogotá 1989 ART LONDON, England. Luis Perez Gallery, Bogota. 1988 First Art Pavilion 88, Bogota. 1987 Chamber of Commerce, Bogota. Gallery 1985 Cattle Bank, Cartagena. First Meeting of the Colombian Caribbean, Bogotá. Skandia Gallery, Cartagena. 1984 Cartagena Convention Center. Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena. Chamber of Commerce, Bogota. Colsubsidio Gallery, Ottawa. Gallery 1983 Comfamiliar, Barranquilla. Gallery 1981 Tayrona, Cartagena. Third Salon of Visual Arts, Santa Marta, second prize. Museum of Modern Art, National, Bogota. 1980 Highway Art, Medellin. Gallery Tayrona, Cartagena. Finale Gallery, Medellin. 1979 Expocosta 79, Cartagena. Gallery 1978 Cattle Bank.
1999 auction of the painting "The Ship", Sotheby's, June 3 to 4


Form and Color Book of Colombia since 1988 to 1995.
Form and Color Paper Figurative 15, 1998.
Cover of the novel "Maracas at the Opera" Illan Ramon Baca, 1999.
Cover of the novel "The Spider Majestic" Eloi Yague, 2000.
Book Collection Museum of Modern Art in Cartagena
(Commemoration of the museum 30 years) 2009

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