Mario Carreno, Cuban (1913 - 1999)

Carreño was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1913. In 1925, he began his studies in the Academia San Alejandro de Cuba.In Spain, he studied graphic arts, and in France he had lessons with the Domincan painter Jaime Colson.In 1939 he met Pablo Neruda, who invited him to visit Chile.Carreño founded, together with other artists and architects, the Art School of the Universidad Católica de Chile, and in 1969 he was appointed its Subdirector.

That same year he became a Chilean citizen.In 1946, he teaches in The New School for Social Research in the United States, and in the School of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba.Carreño will maintain his solid friendship with Pablo Neruda until the death of the latter in 1973.In 1982, he received the National Award for Art for his work in the Plastic Arts.Carreño died in Santiago in 1999.

He arrives to Chile in 1948.
In 1969 he obtains the Chilean nationality.
His continuously travelled to México,
Europe and New York

His painting goes from the figurativism into cubism.

His artworks are very high quoted in the art market.
In 1998 a panel of him " At the beach " was sold in nearly
US$ 200,000, at a closing Auction in New York.

In Chile, he was founder of the
"School of Fine Art"
at the Catholic University of Santiago.
During twenty two years , he performs
as an academic at this Universuty.

Mains characteristics of Carreño's paintings are
the geometric forms, the very attractive alive colors,
and his landscapes of Mediterranean architectures.

In 1982 he was awarded in Chile with the
"National Prize of Art".
He died in Santiago, Chile, in 1999,
when he was 84 years.

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