Jane Carroll

In 1996, Jane started a business in the basement of her home in the Bronx. With a child to take care of and a desire to stay at home to raise him, she was determined to create a better future for her family and fulfill her dream of becoming a floral artist. She put ads in the local Penny Saver offering her services for weddings and special events. Soon her business had grown beyond the basement walls, her son Michael was in school, and it was time to take things to another level. She moved her dreams and her business above ground and into a 3200 square ft commercial space in Westchester County NY.

In 2001, she decided to write a letter to Oprah Winfrey introducing herself and her work. When Oprah’s office called 3 days later and asked her to come up with a retail product for her “O” List Jane had ready a concept for a line of fresh floral products that could be shipped anywhere in the country. In February of 2002 her “Boxed In Blooms” was featured on the “O” List and a web based retail business was born.

Since those humble beginnings her work has been featured in Oprah, People, USA Today and InStyle magazines, in the goody bags at the Oscars, the Emmy’s and more. She has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as well as The View on ABC.

Jane creates unique, highly innovative fresh floral designs using only the highest quality flowers. What a painter creates using oils and canvas Jane creates using a natural pallet of fresh flowers in vibrant shades and textures, then features them in and on unique containers that range from handbags, shoes and hats to handmade wooden boxes, trugs, woven totes and more to create not only a design but a piece of art.

She also lends her creative eye to the world of interior design creating very unique, warm and inviting spaces that perfectly blend color, texture, light and form. Each of Jane’s interior design projects are based on a client’s personality, individuality and needs. She had the incredible job of creating a home away from home at Caesars Palace for one of music’s biggest personalities, Sir Elton John in 2004. Jane has designed penthouses and mansions as well as tiny studio apartments in New York. The size of the project is irrelevant; it’s making sure the client can’t wait to get home that is the objective.

Call a flower shop for flowers, a gift basket company for wicker baskets filled with “stuff”. Call or visit Jane’s website for the unique, the whimsical, the unexpected and the fabulous in every aspect of gift giving.

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