Emilia Castaneda, Spanish (1943 - )

Emilia Castañeda was born November the 7th , 1943.

1956- Starts art studies at the «Victor Esteban Ripaux's» Private Academy.

1959- Enters the School of Arts and Crafts «Llotja» in Barcelona, alternating her studies in the Artistic Center of Sant Lluc.

1969- Finishes her studies in the «Massana School» of Barcelona.

1971- Ends formative stage going in for several competitions and collective exhibitions wining several prizes.

Honorific Member o The "Real Circulo de Bellas Artes" -Barcelona

Outstanding prizes:

1964- 2nd Prize «Picture Notes of Barcelona».

1968- VII, Prize to «Young Painting».

1969- X Prize to «Young Painting».

1970- XI, 1st Prize to «Young Painting».

1970- 1st Prize «Fortuny Medal».

1971- 1 st Prize VI art competition of the Valles.

1971- 1st Prize IX art exhibition of Martorell.

1976- 1st Prize of Painting «Isidro Nonell» (organized by the Royal Center of Sant Lluch).

1977- Painting of a «Saint George» for Barcelona's Diputation.

Solo exhibitions:

1973- Lleonart Gallery, Barcelona

1975- Sala Nonell, Barcelona

1976- Anquin´s Gallery, Reus

1976- Sala Nonell, Barcelona

1977- Lleonart Gallery, Barcelona

1979- Jaime III Gallery, Palma de Mallorca

1980- Llotja d´Art, Barcelona

1980- Anquin´s Gallery, Reus

1980- Fondo Internacional de Pintura, Barcelona

1981- Kreisler Gallery, Barcelona

1981- Galerie d´Art de Lucete, Paris

1982- Bearn Gallery, Palma de Mallorca

1983- Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Grand-Palais, Paris

1983- Unbergurg Gallery, Regensberg, Zurich

1983- Fondation Herbert d´Uckermann, Grenoble

1984- Guiot and Marcel Bernhein Galleries, Paris

1985- Lleonart Gallery, Barcelona

1986- Scala Gallery, Barcelona

1987- Sokoa Gallery, Madrid

1988- Am Operning Gallery, Vienna

1991- Foz Gallery, Sitges

1993- Maria Salvat Gallery, Barcelona

1994- Capital Bank Gallery, Miami, USA

1995- Granero Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1995- Lincoln Center, New York, USA

1995- Mellado Gallery, Madrid

1996- Ambassador Galleries, New York, USA

1996- Foz Gallery, Sitges

1999- Granero Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2002- Art Petritxol, Barcelona

2003- Giacomo Gallery, Barcelona

Group exhibitions:

- Sala Nonell, Barcelona

- "Peintres d´Espagne Catalane", Saint-Etienne, France

- "Art figuratiu", Bonanova Gallery, Barcelona

- "Simultània a França i Catalunya", Mitre Gallery, Barcelona

- Musée du Surréalisme, Château de Vaux, Melum, France

- Salones de mayo, Anquin´s Gallery, Reus

- Salón femenino, Casa Irisalbe, Barcelona

- Homage to Pavarotti, Barcelona

- International Art Fair, Washington, USA

- Sam Gallery, Marbella

- Pizarro Gallery, Valencia

- Darby Louise, Barcelona

Illustrious customers:

Marta Ferrusola, Jack Nicholson, Luciano Pavarotti, Sara Montiel...

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