Saverio Castellano, Brazilian (1934 - 1996)

Saverio Castellano, full name: Henry Saverio Castellano (March 29, 1934 - May 18, 1996) was a painter and engraver (lithographer). [1] is considered a pioneer in the use of computers in art. [2 ]

He began studying drawing with Poty Lazzarotto Courses in the Art Museum of Sao Paulo in 1952. And in 1955 he studied printmaking with Livio Abramo at the Handicraft School of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo - MAM, the year that is approved in the entrance examinations of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo - FAU, where he graduated.

He worked as a collaborator with the Office of Architecture architect Jorge Wilhein from 1959 to 1961, where he had his first contacts with artists such as Mario Gruber, Marcelo Grassamn, Flávio Motta and Aldemir Martins, who encourage you to continue your work. He attended the workshops Printmaking Foundation Armando Álvarez Penteado - FAAP.

In 1972 on a trip to England. Prepared to design a sculpture in acrylic in the ateliers of Saint Martin School of Art, where he maintained contact with the sculptor Anthony Caro and art critic Guy Brett.

He was married to the renowned painter and teacher Daffré Selma.

Critic Jacob Klintowitz, one of the most respected art critics in Brazil, wrote of him that "Within your proposal, Saverio Castellano is logical and consistent manner. No gesture wasted, no way to chance, economy and restraint in language and articulation their ideas. These works offer a specific contribution and a reading on several levels. "[4]

Already Aracy M. Amaral writes about his style "of his training as an architect reveals a preoccupation with the ordering of space, as is its underlying mathematical speculations images and quantitative, that would take the approach of computing."

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