Mary Beth Edelson (1935 - )


School of Visual Arts, New York, MFA 1994

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Maine, 1991

Middlebury College, Vermont, BA 1989

Selected Bibliography and Resume

Permanent Collections Major Museums

Academic Degrees

The Guggenheim Museum of Art, New York, NY

BA., DePauw University, IN

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

MA., New York University

Nat'l Museum of American Art, Washington, D.C.

Honorary Doctor of DePauw University, IN

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.Fine Arts,

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

Detroit Institute of Art, Detroit, MI

Musuem of Modern Art, New York, NY

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA.

Fine Arts Museum in Santa Fe

Selected Listing of Books

2000 Picturing the Modern Amazon, The New Museum, Frueh, Fierstein and Judith Stein, Rizzoli

1999 Where is Ana Mendieta? Identity, Performativity, and Exile, J. Blocker, Duke Univ.

1997 Suffragettes to Sh~Devils (2 photos & text) Phaidon Press Ltd. London

1997 Art and Propaganda in the Twentieth Century, Toby Clark, Calmann & King, Lond.

1997 The Vocation of the Artist, (photo & text) ,Deborah Haynes, Cambridge Univ. Press

1995 The Pink Glass Swan: Feminist Essays on Art,, Lucy R. Lippard, New Press, N.Y

1995 Time Capsule, edited by Robin Kahn, published by Creative Tirne, SOS Int3L

1994 Lone Visions, Crowded Frames, (3 photos+text)Max Kozioff, U of New Mexico.

1994 The Power of Feminist Art, Norma Broade & Mary D. Gerrard, Harry Abrams

1994 Visions of America: Landscape as Metaphor. Denver &Col. Art Mus.Abrams

1993 The Modern Artist as Shaman, Mark Levy, pp 2441, Bramble, CN.
Firsthand: Photographs by Mary Beth Edelson 1973-1993 and Shooter Series, essay by Jan Avgikos, "No Reverse Gear," 40 pp, 89 photos, self-pub, NYC.

1992 Mutiny and the Mainstream: Talk that Changed Art, 1975-1990, Midmarch Press.

1992-95 Understanding Art, Lois Fichner-Rathus, Prentice Hall, N.J. (first-fourth ed.)

The Dancing Goddess, ileide Gottner-Abendroth, translated by Maureen T. Krause,

Beason Press, cover image. S photos, extensive text on MBE.

1990 Shape Shifter: Seven Mediums, Mary Beth Edelson, interview with Mel Watkins,

1998 Vanishing Presence, Walker Art Center, Adam Wienberg: chap on MBE, 14 photos, Rizzoli.

1989 Making Their Mark: Move into the Mainstream, Randy Rosen, Abbevllle Press

1984 A Concise Thstoiy of American Painting and Sculpture, Matthew Baigell, photo and text, Harper & Row.

1983 The Amazing Decade, Moira Roth & Mary Jane Jacobs, (2 photos &chap.)Astro Artz, LA.

1983 The Art of Performance: A Critical Anthology, G. Battcock & IL Nickas, E.P. Dutton,

1983 Overlays: Con temporary Art and the Art of Prehistoi}; Lucy R. Lippard, 20 photo & text Pantheon Books.
The Politics of Women's Spirituality: Essays on the Rise of Spiritual Power Within the Feminist Movement,

Charlene Spretnak, chap. by MBF, Anchor, Doubleday.
Seven Cycles: Public Rituals, Mary Beth Edelson, introduction by Lucy R.

Uppard, 64 pages, 140 photos, self-published, NYC.

Video Tapes

2000 Conversations Between Artists Inducling: Nancy Spero, Carolee Schneeman and Mimi Schapiro with MBE.

1999 Just Looking: Mary Beth Shops for a New Mate.

1997 Biting and Picking, video produced for Berlin exhibition sponsored by halle fur kunst, titled "Female Perversion"

1994 Combat Zone: Campaign Hq. Against Domestic Violenc~the video, 10 miri.

1993 Visiting Artist Lecture Series, University of Colorado, Boulder, 40 mm.

1993 22 Others Project, Interview with MBE by Char and Mike Gardiner, 15 min./60 mill.

1989 For Arts Sake #6: Mary Beth Edelson, interview by Pauline Kayes, produced by Peggy Shaw for public television, Parkland College, IL.

1988 Art installations, Mary Beth Edelson, produced by IL D. Garrett, Dr. Jami Smead, college access channel 6, Fort Wayne, IN.

1985 The Art of Mary Beth Edelson, narrated by Donald Kuspit, produced by Gerry McCarthy, Roanoke Public "v.15 mill.

Selected Listings of Reviews, Articles, and Publications

2000 Politiken, Review of Malmo Exhibition, Kristine Kern

1999 Art in America, Michael Duncan, Pill, April

1999 Politiken, Islands Brygge er Stredet,Copenhagen, Denmark,(photo)May 14

1998 Contemporary Visual Arts, Mary Beth Edelson, Trickster The Agency, Issue 19.

1998 Time Out, London, Mary Beth Edelson, The Agency, Sara Kent, July.

1998 flash Art, review, Mary Beth Edelson, The Agency, John Slyce, Nov.-Dec.

1998 Sprin gin, Austria, review Female Perversions (exhibition in Berlin), March-May, p.E

1998 New York Magazine, ART, p.70, Jaii.S,1998

1997 New York Times, Holland CoUer, Nov.21, Weeekend

1995 Artforum, photo and review by KIrby Gookin on Combat Zone, March

1995 Art in America Review of" The Power of Feminist Art". Jan.

1993 New York Avantgarde, Saison, October, cover and 3 photos. Germany

1993 Wak~Up Call, Arlene Raven, Village Voice, p 89, March 9.

1993 Art in America, Eleanor Heartney, review with photo, October..

1992 Dirty Laundry, Village Voice, photo and review by Elizabeth Hess, p 91, May 12.

1989 open Letter to Thomas McEvilley, theoretical article by MBE, NewArt E~miner, pp 3~38, photos, April.
The Shaman as a Gifted Artist, Mark Levy on Yves Klein, Joseph Beuys, Mary Beth Fdelson & Karen Finley, High Performance, pp 54-61, photos, Autu]ui.

Selected Listings of Catalogs

2000 Picuning the Modern Amazon, New Museum, NYC, Rizzoli

1999 Contemporary Classicism, Neuberger Museum of Art N.Y.

1997 Leonardo Lives, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA.

1997 Vraiment Feminisme et Art, Magasin, Grenoble, France

1997 Original Visions, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston

1996 Love Gasoline, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

1995 In-significance, The Agency, London.

1992 Object Choice, Hallways, Buffalo, NY.

1992 Sprung in Die Zeit, Berlinische Galeria Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Ger.

1992 Censored in USA, Seemg Red Whiw and Blue, Visual Arts Center of Alaska.

1989 Vanishing Presence, 'Walker Art Center, MN.

1989 Photography and Performance, Boston Photo Resource Center, MA.

1989 Laaam On..., Washington Project for the Arts, D.C.

1988 Edelson, Puryear, Scan ga, Stackhouse, Corcoran Gallery of Art, D.C.

1988 Committed to lirint, Museum of Modern Art, NY.

1986 Other Gods: Containers of Belief, Everson Museum, NY.

1986 Resistance or Submission, Walter Philips Gallery, Alberta, Canada.

Selected One-Person Exhibitions

2OO1-02 Re-scripting the Stoiy, Traveling Exhibition, Gettysburg, Franklin & Marshall, Dickin Univ. of N. Texas, SUNY/Stony Brook, Univ. of Maryland College Park

2000 Home-made Root Beer, Malmo Museer, Malmo, Sweden

1998 Trickster: Proposition for a Retrospective, Agency Gallery, London, UK

1998 Tip of the Iceberg, Dorfman Projects, Chelsea, NYC

1997 Female Perversion, halle fur kunst, Berlin, Germany

1996 Nicolal Waliner Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

1995 Combat Zone: Campaign Hq against Domestic Violence. sponsored by

1994 Creative Time. NYC
A Non-Survey of Photographic Works in Two Parts: Hopelessly Essentialist

( Think Again) Early Body Works 197~1977, Nicole Klagsbrwi Gallery, NYC.

1993 Context: Chiffon Pieces and Photographs, 1977-1993, A/C Project Room, NYC.

1990 Universal Pictures: The Paintings, Dolan/Maxwell, NYC.

1988-9O Shape-Shifter: the Art of Mary Beth Edelson, 15-year retrospective inci. unique wall painting installed at each site, 64 p. book, video interview with Donald Kuspit, traveled to Univ. of Tennessee, HilIwood Art Museum, LI., Ft Wayne Art Mus., IN, Kenyon College, OH, Ernison Art Center, DePauw University, IN.

1989 Universal Pictures: the Drawings, Dolan/Maxwell, PA.
Dream On..., Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C., major wall painting installation with catalog and lecture.

1986 Fish in the Sky, Danforth Museum, Boston, Lasse Antonsen, curator

1986 Phases of the Loon, P.S.1, NYC. Edward Leffingwell, curator.

1983 New Work: A Future Vision, HewIeU Gallery, Carnegie Mellon Univ., PA. y Beth Edelson, Wright State Univ., OH.; traveled to NA.ME. Gallery, Chicago, Herron School of Art Gallery, IN. Univ.
The Archaeology of Trickster Rabbit (in R~cycled time),

from the Immodest Trickster series, AJ.R. Gallery and Max Hutchinson Gallery, NYC.

1981 Unfinished Plans for Utopia, Elise Meyer, NYC.

1980 Mary Beth Edelson: Recent Work, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.

1979 The Nature of Balancing, ~I.R. Gallery, NYC.

1978 Story Gathering Boxes, Franklin Furnace, NYC.

1977 Proposals for: Memorials to the 9,000,000 Women Burned as Witches in the Christian Era, A.I.R. Gallery, NYC.

1977 Your 5,000 Years Are Up!, Mandevllle Gallery, UCSD, Lajolla, Arlene Raven, curator.

1975 Giving Myself a Five Year Retrospecive, A.I.R. Gallery, NYC.

1975 Woman Rising, ilenri Gallery, Washington, D.C.

1973 22 Others, Henri Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2000 Borders, Royal Danish Academy, Loulsiana Museum, Roskilde Museum of Contemporar

2000 Picturing the Modern Amazon, New Museum, NYC
Borders, collaboration with Renee Green, Jimmie Durham, Douglas Gordon, Tony Oursier + MBE, & Malmo Art Academy & Royal Danish Ac,Copenhagen

1999 le Grand Praemiere Opening Show,, Nicolia Wallner, Copenhagen

1999 Censorship,, Richard Anderson, Chelsea, NYC

1999 War -Artists Bulletin Board, Postmasters, Chelsea, NYC

1999 Contemporary Classidsm, Neuberger Mus. of Art, N.Y. Travels to Tampa Mus

1997 Vraiment Feminisme et Art, curated by Laura Cottingham, Magasin,Centre National D'Art Contemporain de Grenoble, France
Original Visions, McMullen Museum of Art, Boston, with Agnes Martin, Pat Steir, Carrie Mae Weems, Magdalena Abaaanowitz and Mary Beth Edelson

1997 Eye of the Beholder, Avon Collection, International Center of Photography,NYC

1997 Colaboration MBE with Paul Bloodgood, Art Resourses, Inc. NYC

1996 American Dreaming, curated by Hiedi Zuckerman at Linda Kirkland, NYC

1996 Personal Best, Chaisse Post Gallery at Atlanta Olympics

1996 Love Gasoline, Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

1996 Combat Zone 2 ,p.s.#122 Gallery, NYC

1996 Divine Flesh, Artopia, curated by Susanne RamIjak, NYC

1995 In-significance, The Agency, curated by Bea de Souza, London.

1995 Sniper's Nest: Art that has Lived With Lucy R, Lippard, curator Neery

1997 Melkonian, Bard College, Curatorial Studies, Travels to numerous venues.

1995 Selections from 198~1995, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NYC.

1995 Tarot, curated by Amy Upton, Lombard/Freid, NYC

1994 Yes I Am, No I'm Not, Momenta , Eric Heist and Laura Parnes, curators, NYC.

1993 Action/Performance and the Photograph, Turner/Krail Galleries, L.A.

1993 Coming to Power, David Zwirner Gallery, NYC.

1993 A/Cat 303, Paul Bloodgood and Alissa Friedman, curators, 303 Gallery, NYC.

1993 Obala Theatre, Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia.

1992 Object Choice, Haliwalls, Ken Gonzales Day and Andrew Perchuk, curators.

1992 Shape Shifters, Amy Upton, NYC.

1992 Between the Sheets, PPOW , NYC.

1992 Paper Show, Kiki Smith, curator, Joe Fawbush Gallery, NYC.

1992 Group, Galerie Rizzo, Paris, France.

1992 In Your Face: Politics of the Body and Personal Knowledge, A/C Project Room, NYC.

1992 The Fetish of Knowledge, A/C Project Room, NYC.

1992 Salon/ Back Room , Dooley Le Cappelalne Gallery, NYC.

1992 Censored in the USA: Seeing Red ,White and Blue, Visual Arts Center of Alaska.

1991 Salvage Utopia, A/C Project Room, NYC.

1991 Shooter's Hill, A/C Project Room, NYC.

1990-89 Vanishing Presence, Adam Weinberg, curator, Walker Art Center, MN. Book pub.

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