Andrea Chiesi, Italian (1966 - )

Andrea Chiesi

Andrea Chiesi was born in Modena, Italy in 1966. He has represented his country at the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Marseille, in 1999, at the Prague Biennale in 2003, and at the XXIX Biennale d’Arte Alto Roncaglia in 2006. Chiesi has also been the recipient of numerous international awards, including the V Premio Cairo in 2004, the Sovereign European Art Prize, Bonhams, in 2006, and most recently, the Megawatt Award of the Terna Prize for Contemporary Art in 2008.

With remarkable precision and control of the oil medium, Italian artist Andrea Chiesi documents echoes of forgotten spaces.

Inspired by illicit incursions into anonymous desolated interiors and deserted structures, Chiesi creates haunting scenes charged with an overpowering presence, both symbolic and mysterious. With a limited palette of black, white and gray, and a rigorous, nearly maniac obsessive discipline, the artist reclaims spaces consigned to oblivion and depicts what is absent: the everyday activity and labor with its social implications.

He transcends reality and places his locations into a greater abstract and emotional dimension to reveal images of the memory, the invisible. And even though we don’t see the physicality of man, we do perceive and sense his presence and legacy. It is the abstract metaphors in his arresting images that feed the imagination and emotions of the spectator.

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