Grant Romney Clawson, American (1927 - )

"I truly believe I was born to be an artist. My blood doesn't just run red but also blue and yellow and every shade that blends from those primary colors. My interest in art began at age four. At age eight I discovered art and music can be beautifully intertwined. My third grade teacher had the children pose in cardboard frames as famous paintings with classical music playing in the background. This lead to my love for music."

"At age seventeen I wrote my first of many songs. And yes, by age eight I knew without a doubt that to be an artist was my greatest desire. I am a self-taught artist and have developed my skills through observation and hands-on experience. I call it knowledge and experience of a lifetime. In 1952, at age 25, I began a sixteen year career as a pioneer in early television; KSL-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah. I started as a floor manager and climbed the ladder of success to the position of production manager. But, just after five years in the television business I decided to begin the pursuit of my lifelong ambition as a full time artist. I began working just on the side doing my artwork and entering and winning as many important art contests as possible. Eleven years later the great opportunity came to work as a freelance artist for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; more commonly known as The Mormon Church. I was blessed enough to receive commissions from the church which allowed my murals to hang in various church visitors centers around the world. I also have paintings of scriptural scenes and portraits hanging in hundreds of church meeting houses and every LDS temple houses paintings of mine."

"Besides my work for the church, I painted for the Western Art Market in Jackson, Wyoming and Scottsdale, Arizona during the 1980's; selling portraits of Navajo Indians with their beautiful apparel and jewelry. This work is widely collected among art enthusiasts. My passion for art is only exceeded by my love for my precious wife Irma and my six endearing children. They have given us twelve grandchildren and ten great grand-children. We live in Salt Lake City, Utah." - Grant Romney Clawson

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