Papo Colo, Puerto-Rican/American (1946 - )

Born San Juan, Puerto Rico
Lives and works in New York City and El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico. Papo Colo is a poet who uses concepts to produce art and an artist that chooses any medium, depending on its purpose.

Papo Colo is a multi-dimensional artist: performance, theater and installation artist, painter, writer, and graphic designer. In 1982 he co-founded Exit Art, an internationally known cultural center in New York. He has been curator and cultural producer of Exit Art and has organized over 100 shows in which he was also the exhibition and graphic designer. In 1992 he founded the Trickster Theater to expand his experiments as an inter-disciplinary artist.

1982 – present Co-Founder/Co-Director, Exit Art
1991 – 1993 Founder/Director, The Cultural Space
1998 – present Founder/Director, Trickster Theater
2002 – website

Grants and Awards

2001 New York State Council on the Arts - Artist Sponsored Project in Theater
2000 International Art Critics Award for the exhibition The End
1995 Bessie Award for the exhibition Let The Artist Live!
1994 International Art Critics Award for the exhibition Endurance
1991 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Fellowship - Painting
New York Foundation for the Arts - Painting
1987 Art Matters, Inc.
Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art
1983 National Endowment for the Arts - Visual Arts
1982 New York State Council on the Arts - Artist Sponsored Project
1981 CAPS Grant in Painting
National Endowment for the Arts-Visual Arts
1977 CAPS Grant in Sculpture

Curatorial & Design Work

Catalogs, Invitations and Posters
(Unless noted otherwise, published by Exit Art, New York)

Illegal America (poster and catalog)

Photogenics (poster and artist book)
Tehching Hsieh: One-Year Performance 1981-82, (invitation, poster and catalog)

Melissa Meyer, (poster and catalog)

Forbidden Films (poster and catalog)
Surplus (poster and catalog)
Pedro Lujan (poster and catalog)

The Disciplined Spirit (invitation and catalog)
The Gallery Show (invitation)
Papo Colo: Will Power, & Desire (catalog)

Immigrants & Refugees/Heroes or Villains (poster)
Michael Chernishov - Aggressive Symbols (catalog)
Films with a Purpose - A Puerto Rican Experiment in Social Films (Poster and catalog)
Muntadas: Exhibition (poster)
Raul Ruiz - Works For & About French TV (poster and catalog)

The Social Club (invitation)
Nachume Miller (invitation and catalog)
Ursula von Rydingsvard (invitation and catalog)
Videospain (invitation and catalog)
International Forum of Super 8 (poster and catalog)
The Debt (invitation)
Anton van Dalen - The memory Cabinet (invitation and catalog)
Martin Wong (invitation and catalog)

Ida Applebroog (catalog) published by Ronald Feldman Gallery
Sonia Balassanian (invitation and catalog)
Jane Hammond (invitation and catalog)
Juan Sanchez - Rican/Structed Convictions (invitation and catalog)
Krzysztof Wodiczko - New York City Tableaux: Tompkins Square (invitation & catalog)
Jimmie Durham - The Bishop's Moose and the Pinkerton Men (invitation & catalog)

The Green Show (invitation and catalog)
Samuel Beckett: The Media Work (poster only)
Illegal America (poster)
Internal Exile (poster and catalog)
Tantrum (poster)
Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds - Claim Your Color (invitation and catalog)
Evidences. From the Postcolonial to the Hybrid State, The Cultural Space, New York (poster)
Holy Wars (poster/announcement)

World Disorder, The Cultural Space, New York (invitation)
Zero Identity, The Cultural Space, New York (poster)
Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music
(poster and program cover in collaboration with David Hammons)
Life After Postmodernism, The Cultural Space, New York (invitation)
The Deadly Art of Illusion: Deep Cover (catalog for Jerry Kearns' exhibition),
Tyler Galleries, Temple University, Philadelphia

Adrian Piper: Why Guess? (invitation)
Film Modernism and its Discontents: A Perspective from Paris (invitation)
David Wojnarowicz: Tongues of Flame Works (invitation)
Ming Fay: Nature Reborn from Archaeology to Science Fiction (invitation)
Archie Rand The Letter Paintings 1968-1971 (invitation)
Jaime Davidovich Forces / Farces (invitation)
Nancy Grossman (invitation)
Parallel History: The Hybrid State (exhibition)
Parallel History: The Hybrid State Films
Speaking Tongues (invitation)
John Fekner (invitation)
Willie Birch: A Personal View of Urban America (catalog and invitation)
Shu Lea Cheang: Those Fluttering Objects of Desire (invitation)

Cesar Paternosto (invitation)
Michael James O’Brien (invitation)
Shelagh Keeley (invitation)
The Design Show: Exhibition Invitations in the U.S.A. 1940-1992 (invitation)
1920: The Subtlety of Subversion/ The Continuity of Intervention (invitation)
Fever (poster)

The Mouth Inside the Eye (poster)
Obscure (poster)
The Garden of Sculptural Delights (invitation)
Existential/Political: Rudolf Baranik and May Stevens (invitation)
Poverty Pop (invitation)
Comic Power (invitation)

Way Cool (invitation)
Endurance (invitation)
…It’s How You Play The Game (invitation)
Let The Artist Live (poster)

Sweat (invitation)
Counterculture: Alternative Information from the Underground Press to the Internet (invitation only)
Imaginary Beings (invitation)
Transfers (invitation)

Collective Actions (invitation)
In the Eye of the Tiger: A Survey of Contemporary Korean Artists (invitation only)
La Tradicion: Performing Painting (invitation)
Terra Bomba (invitation)
The Shape of Sound (invitation)

Transmissions: channeling cultural information through the medium of video (invitation)
Wild (invitation)
Public Notice: Art & Activist Posters1951- 1997 (poster only)

New York Stories (invitation)
The Choice (invitation only)
The Stroke (invitation)
Monumental Drawings (invitation)

The End (poster)
NEO (invitation)
Collector’s Choice (invitation only)

Body and the East (invitation only)
Danger (invitation)
The LP Show (poster only)
Spunky (invitation)
Collector’s Choice (invitation only)

Reactions (poster)

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