Esteban Corporan, American

Esteban Corporan

Esteban Corporan is a self-taught artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Having begun as a graffiti artist influenced by pop art and various other street artists, Corporan grew tired of the ephemeral nature of this practice. He soon began working in a more traditional manner, copying great works by old masters and practicing established techniques. He pushed himself with utmost discipline to explore a variety of forms, perspectives and styles in order to learn how to expertly render his subjects and manipulate his materials.

With little to no formal training, as an artist seeking the mastery of his craft, Corporan has developed a desire to learn, and in effect, has honed his artistic ability into a meticulous process which helps him capture the essence of his subjects.

In his work, Corporan is mostly inspired by geometry and its relationship to the human form. He specializes in dynamic, figurative oil paintings and portraits which are at the intersection of classical realism and academic aesthetic. Their subtlety of tone and expert blending methods give the viewer a sense of depth and dimension in form. His female nudes capture a certain beauty that is difficult to characterize, a certain simplicity within their perfection. The artist theorizes that this specific breed of beauty relates to geometry and the way the human eye perceives such silhouettes, shapes and forms.

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