Tony Curtis, American (1925 - 2010)

Tony Curtis

The man behind the mask of one hundred and fifty different roles, spanning over fifty years, now reveals himself to be Tony Curtis, fine artist.

Tony Curtis’ incredible skill and versatility in the performing arts, is matched by his innate ability to create great beauty in fine art, reflecting the rich life of the artist, giving enormous pleasure to the collector..

While his acting career continues unabated today, what happens to his enormous need to create when the cameras are off and the sound stages are silent at the end of the day?

The same questioning and receptive mind that captures the subtle nuances of daily life, and later incorporates them into his film roles, has spent the last several decades storing sights and memories that are now flowering on his vivid, intensely colored canvases, that virtually burst with life.

Mr. Curtis’ paintings are awash with the artistic spirit of the turn-of-the-century “Fauves”, whose works exploded upon the gentle world of the Impressionists with brilliant, contrasting colors, and flowing sensuous forms, setting the stage for many of the 20th Century artistic revolutions.

He has been sketching, painting, and constructing beautiful assemblages for almost five decades.  Each film locale and co-star has provided him with new inspiration for his art work.  His paintings address a broad range of subjects, with lush, pattern-filled, multi-colored still lifes, a personal favorite of the artist.

The glamour of the film world has left its mark on his visual images. Many works seem bigger than life, encompassing great visual concepts within the confines of the canvas.  Bold and explosive, the paintings brim with the sheer joy the artist experiences in creating them, and are a feast for the eyes, as colorful patterns swirl in a crescendo of disciplined movement and contrasts, making a powerful statement of the artist’s taste, skill, and experiences.  Painted with great spontaneity and sureness of attack, they reflect the underlying discipline that is the source of his confidence in his artistic gift.

Tony Curtis’ long-standing love affair with the beauty and glamour of Las Vegas has inspired the brilliantly conceived and colorful paintings that he creates at his studio here.

Extraordinarily successful exhibitions all over North America, Europe, and Asia, of Tony Curtis’ brilliantly colored paintings, assemblages, collages, and boxes, have earned him tremendous acclaim as a highly sought after artist and a prominent place in many world famous public and private collections.

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