Nicoletto da Modena, Italian (1490 - 1569)

Nicoletto da Modena

Nicoletto da Modena (born in Modena in the late fifteenth century) was an Italian Renaissance artist, whose work is found in the first decades of the century XVI. He was also named as Nicoletto Rosex or Rossi da Modena. The name Nicholas or Nicolas Modene, of Modena, of Modena, or you Modesne Modesne, and also with the surname or Bellin Belin, an Italian artist worked in the courts of Francis I of France and Henry VIII of Inglaterra the historical sources do not provide with certainty whether the plurality of names as a single character or as two different must be identified, and in some cases even mix their identification with another painter best data set : Niccolò dell'Abbate. in no case should confused with Jacques-Nicolas Bellin, illustrated French geographer (1703-1772).

It is proposed to identify the painter and engraver "Nicoletto da Modena" or "Nicoletto Rossi da Modena" with a "Nicoletto" mentioned in court documents of Ferrara between 1481 and 1491.6 appears located in Rome in 1507, and the date of maturity 1511.7 considered Lodovico Vedriani8 defined him as famous in prospettiva pittore Massime, e nel valent incisore rame "famous painter maximum perspective and skillful engraver in copper."

No retained his paintings, but 78 signed prints OPVS Nicoleti MODENENSIS Rosex, OP DE MUTINA Nicoleti, OP . NI . MODENENSIS . Among works dating is a Judgment of Paris or four naked women (1500), 9 a copy of an engraving by Dürer (1497), and San Antonio Abad ( 1512) .10 The engravings dating from dates prior to 1500 ( as Hercules and Anteo11 and Vulcan forging Eros wings) are associated to the circle of Andrea Mantegna (from which derive their iconographic models), and are characterized by a diagonal frame densa.

The proposed dates for " Nicholas Bellin of Modena" are somewhat later (ca. 1490-1569). In the decades of 1530 and 1540 a ' Modene Nicholas "or " Nicolas de Modena " worked at the court of Francis I of France in Fontainebleau, as a sculptor, mask maker, espectáculos organizer and author a mythologized portrait rey (controversial for its androgynous character - virago) and a book of horas. Ground that the skill and diligence such Messer Nicolo exceeded that of the other partners Francesco Primaticcio (Francois Primatice) a " Nicholas of Modena " worked in the English court of Henry VIII making a portrait of the King ( possibly a polychrome statue) and even as " architect "at least in works of ephemeral architecture (a" tower of Babylon " for Christmas 1550, and in the reign of Edward VI-).

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