Colette Darfeuil, French (1906 - 1998)

Colette Darfeuil

Colette Darfeuil (7 February 1906 - 15 October 1998) French actress, born Emma Henriette Augustine Floquet, February 7, 1906, in Paris (France). Died October 15, 1998 at Montfort l'Amaury (Yvelines, France).

Born of a Parisian father and a mother Limousine, young Emma through a childhood without too many problems. He is known to a brother and older sister. Highly emotional, his parents away from the capital for the duration of the war to relieve turmoil caused by the bombing.

Back in Paris, she is about to lead an uneventful life when, in the Belgian columnist Joe Van Cottom, "she 17 when she accompanied a friend to the studio trying to turn." As it should be in this kind of adventure, it is what was noticed. And as she began to film in 1920 ("The Christmas bonus through the ages," Pierre Colombier), it is permissible to include the date of birth so qu'avança historian (1903), in spite of official documents.
Let us say right away, which strikes the mind to the course of his long career (over one hundred titles anyway), is the almost universal lack of famous titles. So is it his silent period as there is hardly anything in the memories of the most discerning moviegoers. It was not until 1930 ("The End of the World" by Abel Gance, "The Hallers Attorney" by Robert Wiene, "Around investigated" by Robert Siodmak) to see some big names in cinema to look at it.

Confined mostly in the characters of light or femme fatale, she goes smoothly heading of speaking, even receiving an American proposal following its first sound tests. Who chose to remain in France, it may soon be proud to win leading roles in short pieces whose titles do not fail to whet the curiosity: "It Hits no one like Angelica" (1931), "The thing Brazilian "(1932)," The crush of the garrison "(1933)," The darling of his concierge "(1934)," The race to virtue "(1936) and I saved the best for last "Firmin, the dumb St. Pataclet" (1938).
But make no mistake: Colette Darfeuil is one of the most famous actresses of the interwar period, a much loved public it pays a lot of attention. When he was given the chance, she can show more originality than people imagine producers too shy, "Mr. de Pourceaugnac" (1932, his favorite composition), "The House in the dunes" (1934) "Stop" (1935), etc. Sometimes he came to expatriate talent all over Europe: Spain for "Bodega" (1930), Germany for the French version of "Der Kurier der Zaren / Michael" (1936), the Belgium "and Bossemans Coppenolle" (1938) and Italy for "L'amore si fa cosi" (1939).

She also met some famous partners. Committed to a short sequence of "Rosier Madame Husson" (1931), it conflicts with sponsors who want him to say the words she Fernandel judge moved! During the filming of the "Patriot" (1938), she plays the bleed Harry Baur with his earring!
More discreet during the Second World War (include still one of its few major films, the very patriotic "Doe father and son" by Julien Duvivier, released during the "phony war"), it is profoundly affected by the his mother's death, which occurred in 1946 through what is called a nervous breakdown, she isolates herself for several years, losing a lot of weight (up to weigh only 36 kg according to friend Joe !). It reappeared in 1948 for "The memories are not for sale", attends the leaping "Bibi Fricotin" (1950) in his comical adventures and troubles the puny "Beefy Batignolles" (1952) in his quest for more muscle consistent, before finally removing the film in 1953, tired of playing the coquettish.

Divorced from director Peter Weill, director of some of his sins of youth work ("Close to the Heart" in 1929, "Train of Love" in 1935, ...), the second wife producer René Bianco, who will accompany him until the end of his career before leaving widow. Educated woman, author of several screenplays ("You forget me" (1931) he claimed), drawn to the later poetry, she will surround personalities literary community.

In 1992, she rejects the role of Mira in "The husband Leo," he offers Jean-Pierre Mocky.

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