Francesco De Grandi, Italian (1968 - )

 Francesco De Grandi, Italian (1968 - )

Francesco De Grandi (Palermo , 1968) is an Italian painter. With Alessandro Bazan , Mark and Andrea Di Fulvio Di Piazza is a member of the New School in Palermo, which emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Biographical Notes
In 2003, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites you to the exhibition Futuro Italian to the European Parliament in Brussels .

In 2006 his work was acquired by Palazzo Riso for the permanent collection of the museum and the following year in the Collezione Farnesina Experimenta , exhibited at the MFA .

In 2007 he exhibited in several group exhibitions at the Galleria Civica in Trento , at the Palazzo Reale in Milan , at the MAXXI , the Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires and Hof & Huyser Gallery in Amsterdam.

In 2008 he held his first solo exhibition in Palermo and participated in the fifteenth Quadrennial of Rome.

In 2010 he exhibited at the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai. [5] The following year he was invited to the 54th Venice Biennale ( Italy Pavilion [6] ) and in the same year, the Gallery of Modern Art has exhibited Palermo his works in the exhibition The transition difficult.

After living for several years in Milan , since 2010 lives and works in Palermo and Shanghai.

Solo Exhibitions
2011: The difficult passage , GAM in Palermo.
2010: Rumi (入迷? ) Ayke Gallery, Shanghai.
2008: Landscapes , Palazzo Sant'Elia , Palermo.

Wood. Electric Forest (July 2011 ), painted mural. Rice, Museum of Contemporary Art of Sicily , Palermo.
Wallz ( September 2012 ), mural. Zeta Lab, Palermo.

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