Edouard Dermit, French (1925 - 1995)

Edouard Dermit

Édouard Dermit (ou Dermithe), stage name of Antoine Dermit, born January 18, 1925 in Gradisca (County of Gorizia and Gradisca) 1, and died May 15, 1995 in Paris, is a French actor and painter.

Edward Dermit is the adopted son and sole heir of Jean Cocteau.

Extremely handsome, and has a silhouette of the Greek god, it keeps forever the nickname "Doudou" for his kindness never feigned sweetness of his character and his benevolent wisdom.

In film, he remains forever Juvenile Paul film Les Enfants Terribles by Jean-Pierre Melville's novel Cocteau (1950).

Also a painter - he exhibited several times at the Lucie Weill gallery - notably Edward Dermit completed in 1965, the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Frejus Jean Cocteau began to draw and did not have the time to finish his death October 11, 1963.

He dealt with great care to manage the work of Cocteau and shared his time between the homes of the writer located in the neighborhood of the Palais Royal and Milly-la-Forêt.

In the late 1960s, he married, Eliane Dubroca, a young woman model at Dior and gave him two son, the elder John (Jacqueline Picasso was his godmother and godfather Jean Marais), and Stéphane (Francine Weisweiller being her godmother and godfather Pierre Bergé).

In February 1966, he designed the sets for the ballet The exchange a look with a libretto by Françoise Sagan, created at the Marseille Opera by Jacques Chazot and Tessa Beaumont.

In 1979, Edward Dermit publish with Bertrand Meyer-Stabley the book My sacred Editions Ink which includes the most beautiful texts on his contemporaries Cocteau monsters.

In 1983, he publicly acknowledged he was bisexual and had been the lover of Jean Cocteau.

His son Stéphane sold to Pierre Berge, he was the godson, the last house that had Jean Cocteau in Milly-la-Forêt and became Maison Jean Cocteau, inaugurated on 23 June 2010.

A documentary broadcast on France 5 in October 2013, mainly devoted to the connection between Jean Marais and Jean Cocteau, also addressed the relationship between Edward Dermit and Jean Cocteau.


1948: The Eagle Has Two Heads, Jean Cocteau: a young light-horseman playing cards (uncredited)
1948: Les Parents terribles, Cocteau (technique5 assistant)
1950: Les Enfants Terribles by Jean-Pierre Melville: Paul
1950: Orpheus Jean Cocteau: Cegeste
1960: The Testament of Orpheus Jean Cocteau: Cegeste
1965: Thomas the Impostor by Georges Franju: Captain Roy

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