Diane Detalle, French (1974 - )

Created through flourishes of both the knife and the brush, Diane Detalle’s work is rich in vitality and honesty. Each of her paintings becomes an intimate portrayal of her state of mind, a true reflection of her psychology at the moment of committing body and soul to the canvas.

Born in Nancy, in the East of France in 1974, Diane Detalle grew up on the French Riviera and graduated in business management before moving to Paris, London and then New York, where she worked in the finance sector. Having come to live and work around the world, it is no small accident that her work reflects a genuine richness and variety.

My paintings directly mirror my own life. Why? Because in my life, as in my paintings, I’m driven by the two forces I prize above all else: passion and spontaneity. Five years ago I was working as a banker in New York and now I find myself exhibiting my paintings in Brasilia and Buenos Aires!

In its simplicity and vividness many have compared Detalle’s work to that of Mark Rothko, whilst others have drawn parallels with Jackson Pollock. Such comparisons aside, Detalle is destined to carry on creating original art that is a direct reflection of her life and spirit: free, energetic, passionate and, ultimately spontaneous.

Diane lives and works between New York and London.

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