Robert Alan Devoe, American (1928 - )

Robert Alan Devoe, American (1928 - )

Born in Elmira, New York, Robert Devoe earned his BFA and MFA from the Tyler Art School in Philadelphia.

His interests range from technology and mathematics to philosophy, music and metaphysics and he is, as he puts it, "obsessed with the geometry of life, the design matrix of nature." Higher consciousness and the search for it is the underlying theme, even the purpose, of his art. In his words, "My imagery comes from technology, science, and the mathematics of our time." Devoe's work is full of references to physics, Taoism, geometry, interstellar travel, the Big Bang theory and the architecture of higher thought.

Robert Devoe has a long list of shows and commissions of painting, sculpture, music and installations in which he has been involved, including exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Frankfurt, Germany. Mr. Devoe also received the Armstrong Award for Excellence in FM Broadcasting in 1970 for his creation of a radio show that commanded an almost cult-like following. Obviously a "Renaissance Man", Robert Alan Devoe is an artist with distinctive credentials and a wonderful sense of design, energy and color.

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