Luitpold Domberger, German (1912 - 2005)


Luitpold Domberger (1912 - 14 September 2005) was a pioneer of the art screen printing in Germany.

Luitpold (Poldi) Domberger studied from 1928 at the Arts and Crafts School in Pforzheim, where he then worked as a freelance commercial artist, before the mid-1930s moved to Stuttgart. In the late 1940s he came - presumably by attending an exhibition in Stuttgart House America - with the new medium of screen printing in touch. At that time, was a native of America printing technology in Germany still poorly understood and put technically still in its infancy. After various experiments with simple tools, he set up in 1949 a first silkscreen workshop in Gänsheidestraße 26 in Stuttgart. His neighbor was dortiger the artist Willi Baumeister. When he inquired about the new printing technology, it was a collaboration between the artist and screen printer, a consequence of which between 1950 and architect's death in 1955, almost 60 serigraphs. Inspired by the first exhibitions of screenprints soon builder could also print from other artists Domberger. Domberger coined in subsequent years, the emerging profession to choose the screen printer, emerged from his workshop young printer, such as Hans-Peter Haas. In the late 1960s was founded on the new printing facility in the near Stuttgart Bonlanden Edition Domberger, and still exists today under the leadership of his son, Michael Domberger screen printer.

On 14 September died in 2005 Luitpold Domberger. In November 2009 it was announced that the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, the collection of Michael Domberger with important Original serigrafien, templates, proofs, printing and others acquired condition. It is housed on one floor of the building firms Domberger and will be processed scientifically.

Work as a screen printer

The close collaboration between architects and Domberger was the artistic screen printing (serigraphy) in Germany, an important stimulus. From the 1950s Domberger serigraphs created for many internationally known artists, among other things, for Max Ackermann, Josef Albers, Max Bill, Richard Estes, Adolf Fleischmann, Otto Herbert Hajek, Richard Hamilton, Robert Indiana, Nicholas Krushenick, Roy Lichtenstein, Georg Karl Pfahler Victor Vasarely and Ben Willikens. Domberger screen prints from the house can now be found worldwide at trade shows, trade in art and graphics in many auctions and collections.

Luitpold Domberger was co-founder of the Association of German screen printers and 1961/62 instrumental in the founding of the FESPA involved. His early commitment to the new medium of printing helped to Stuttgart in the 1960s to a "center for artistic printing world was" brought forth that many other popular screen printers, such as Hans-Peter Haas, Roland Geiger and Frank Kicherer .

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