Roy Doremus

The works of Doremus are formed by cascading color outlines and transparent washes. These thin reels of color spread across the canvas in a rhythmic flow. The wavering lines are reminiscent of Art Nouveau in their suggestion of organic and graceful form.

These paintings appear to be influenced by the amoebic, biologically oriented forms used by Gorky or Arp. They also refer indirectly to the organic or sexual suggestions which flow through the gelatinous spaces of Matta’s canvases.

Doremus works largely in primary colors. There is little variation in light and dark, and both tone and intensity are equal. Therefore, an almost flat picture surface is created.

The paintings appear to be executed in a direct and unpremeditated manner. Because of their freshness of color it is clear that they were painted spontaneously without being reworked.

Doremus has drawn upon a vanity of thinking – surreal and expressionistic, and has evolved his own special spontaneous style.

Selected Exhibitions
Museo de Bellas Artes, Malaga, Spain
Hultberg Konst Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Eklunds Konst Gallery, Umea, Sweden
Kalmar Konst Salon, Kalmar, Sweden
Redon, Paris, France
Fountainbleau Gallery, Miami, Florida
Washington Gallery, Washington, DC
Newman Gallery, Philadelphia
Modern Masters Gallery, New York

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