Marcel Dyf, French (1899 - 1985)

Marcel Dyf was born in Paris on the 7th October 1899. As a youth he was influenced by the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist movements that he observed in Paris and Normandy, where he spent his holidays.

He started a career in engineering but it was short lived and he was still in his early twenties when he decided to become an artist. He moved to Arles in Provence where he bought a studio and began zealously painting the inspirational landscapes that were new to him. Dyf was entirely self-taught as an artist. He remained in Arles for thirteen years before returning to Paris in 1935.  During World War II he joined the Resistance and was based in Correze.

After the war, Dyf  held exhibitions of his work in some of the major cities in France. In 1950 he acquired a studio in Cannes, where he met his wife, Claudine in 1954. Claudine was 19 years old, 36 years younger than Dyf. They married in 1965 and she devoted her life to travelling with Dyf, continually looking for new scenes to paint.

A member of L'Ecole Francais, Dyf's fame rapidly spread outside his native France and a number of successful exhibitions of his work have been held in the United States of America and Great Britain.

He died on 16th September 1985.

Exhibited: France (Salon des Artistes Francais, Salon d' Autumn, Salon des Tuilleries)
United States of America
Great Britain

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