Sonja Eisenberg, German/American

Born in Berlin, Germany
Her parents Adol and Meta Weinberger and brother Siegbert were forced into a last-minute escape from the Nazis. They fled to New York where Eisenberg still resides.

Public Collections:

Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
Accademia Italia delle Arti e del Lavoro, Italy
World Federation of United Nations Association, United Nations Headquarters, New York, NY
The Jewish Museum, New York, NY
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY
Palm Springs Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA
Fordham University Museum, New York, NY
Huntsville Museum of Art, Huntsville, AL
Anglo-American Art Museum, Baton Rouge, LA
Omega Institute, New Lebanon, NY

Selected One-Woman Shows:

2009 Winnacker Gallery - Berlin, Germany
2001 Horton Gallery - Philadelphia, PA
1998 Dussman Kulturhaus - Berlin, Germany
1995 Park Hotel Gallery - Buergenstock, Switzerland
1994 Park Hotel Gallery - Vitznau, Switzerland
1989 The Millbrook Gallery - Millbrook, NY
1985 The Cathedral of St. John the Divine - New York, NY
1983 The Cathedral of St. John the Divine - New York, NY
1982 Avila Graphics, Ltd. - New York, NY
1980 American Museum, Hayden Plantearium - New York, NY
1980 Bodley Gallery - New York, NY
1979 Colloquium CO-Evolution of Science and Spirit - New York, NY
1978 United Nations for Planetary Citizens - United Nations, New York, NY Gallerie
1976 Bodley Gallery - New York, NY
1975 Fordham University - New York, NY
1975 The Palm Springs Desert Museum, CA
1974 Buyways Gallery - Sarasota, FL
1974 Galerie de Sfinx - Amsterdam, Netherands
1974 Huntsville Museum - Huntsville, AL
1974 Camara Gallery - Los Angeles, CA
1973 Bodley Gallery - New York, NY
1972 Galerie Art du Monde - Paris, France
1970 Bodley Gallery - New York, NY

Metropolitan Museum of Art lecturer Olivier Bernier wrote of her work:
"Movement within a deep space; subtle, compelling variations of color; throughout it all, the pull of emotions ranging from deep, contemplative serenity to unbound, angry energy: there is much to be seen in Sonja Eisenberg's work ...

That her technique is dazzling goes without saying: these transparent mists, these vaporous distances, these infinitely subtle shades which appear in her work seem as if nature itself had made them; but then, great art always seems inevitable. We are offered a series of voluptuous pleasures as we look at the wealth of details; and that is as it should be. Other artists might think that, alone, was a sufficient achievement. Eisenberg knows better: even as her work seduces the eye, it speaks to the soul; and that is why it will remain after so much else is forgotten."


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