Carl Evers, American (1907 - 2000)

You will find little argument from artists or collectors by calling Carl Evers one of the finest marine artists of the twentieth century. His ability to capture water in motion, feeling for light, exquisite drawing and incredibly rendered detail give his paintings a vibrancy that few can rival. Born in Germany, schooled at the Slade School in London, his first job was as an automotive illustrator for sixteen years in Sweden. In 1947 he moved to the United States, traveling there appropriately by freighter. He soon was busy full time painting tugs, liners, freighters and the working waterfront for every major line, including Cunard, Grace Line, Farrell Lines, United Fruit and Moran Towing, who used his paintings regularly on the covers of their magazine Towline. For the United States Naval Institute and its magazine Proceedings he produced dramatic battle scenes like the MONITOR vs. MERRIMAC and Admiral Dewey's flagship OLYMPIA at the Battle of Manila Bay.

 For 13 years he chronicled all the comings and goings in the Port of Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Electric Company. His paintings appeared regularly in Yachting, Saturday Evening Post, Argosy and nineteen times on the covers of Readers Digest. He was commissioned to illustrate The Lonely Sea and Sky of the Romantic Challenge by Sir Francis Chichester, the first who circumnavigated the globe aboard a small yacht GIPSY, The Last Grain Race by Eric Newby, Two Ocean Wars by noted marine historian Samuel Eliot Morrison and Big E by Commander Edward F. Stafford.

 Over 50,000 prints of his work are in circulation, many open edition prints published, and still available today through the Naval Institute (, and others signed, limited edition prints, published by the Greenwich Workshop of Constitution, South Street Seaport in 1879 and others. Many collectors are lucky enough to own The Marine Paintings of Carl Evers published by Peacock Press/Bantam Books, now long out of print.

 While original paintings of his have virtually been unseen in the marketplace over the last 20 years, just recently his estate has made available a collection of paintings and drawings directly from Evers' own studio at the time of his death.

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