Eren Eyuboglu, Romanian/Turkish (1913 - 1988)

Eren Eyuboglu

The first study in the secondary school years began private painting lessons alalarak . Romania Age has studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts . After finishing school in 1929 he went to Paris . André Lhote at the Julian Academy for four years was a student . At this time the works of Monet and viewed Cezzane . They worked from reproducing . I had met him in Paris in 1930 with artists such as photos Eyüboğlu with Bedri Rahmi married in 1936 and returned to Istanbul . Two photos of artists they begin to live their lives as wives of Turkey's Anatolian people traveling around the four sides of the canvas to the way of life reflected by combining elements of folklore plastic. Bedri Rahmi Group D joined together with Eyüboğlu . Play an important role in the activities of the Community of abstract and expressionist paintings, the artist with the opinion issues for the people of Anatolia and the natural life of operating.

In the 1950s, Picasso and Braque worked as copies of the master painter in the structure by moving away from the details , simplicity , rhythmic lines and exciting , enthusiastic headed for color harmony . Bedri Rahmi 's wife embroiderer style , but the plastic elements tend to reach local expression prevailed. Contemporary themes Eyüboğlu saving a comment, Three Graces, four beautiful photos as well as mythological did.

Mosaic works alongside the picture in Ankara Etibank in 1956 , 4 in 1957 Levent Housing Walls, in 1978, Ankara Children's Hospital, in 1979, with Cerrahpaşa Hospital for Chest Diseases Hospital , Haydarpaşa is understood from its mosaic panels. Leaving behind a large number of works of art that Eyüboğlu , died in 1988 in Istanbul.


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