Harvey A. Falk, American (1903 - 1983)

 Falk made pictorial photographs during the 1940s. He lived in New York where h concentrated on architectural subjects.

Harvey Aaron Falk was born on November 25th 1903 in New York City. He lived there most of his life and in the mid-1930s was employed by the Hayes Duster and Brush Company. He made a hobby of photography as a child and later was encouraged by his wife to resume making pictures. Mrs. Falk bought him a Contax camera and arranged a White Mountain vacation to rekindle his photographic interest.

Falk was a longtime member of the Manhattan Camera Club, which he joined in 1938 and where quickly rose to leadership positions. In 1941 he servesd as secretary and three years later was president of the club, and office he also held in 1951.

Falk exhibited his photographs in salons from about 1939 to the mid-1940s. This span of years was modest for a pictorialist, as was his annual total of photographs shown- forty-six at most. But Falk was highly ranked in terms of the percentage of his acceptances to submissions; for the 1939-1940 and 1940-1941 seasons he led all American pictorialists (trailing only Leonard Misonne of Belgium) in this tabulation of the American Annual of Photography. Mst of the prints he carefully made and submitted to salon juries were accepted for hanging.

During the 1940s, American Photography, Camera, and Popular Photography reproduced Falk's work. And Kodak used his most well known, World of Today, in a 1947 ad for photographic paper. World of Today shows the RCA Building of New York's Rockefeller Center dramatically framed through Lee LAwrie's Atlas sculpture at ground level. The tonal contrasts, sharp focus, and strong diagonals of the image are trademarks of modernisti-nfluenced late pictorialism. Falk never used manipulative printing processes and termed his architectural photographs "pictorial documentaries."

Falk traveled to Europe in 1951 but probably found the old-world subjects incompatible with his modernist outlook. He died in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1983.

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