Sonya Fe, American (1952 - )

Sonya Fe (born 1952) is an American painter.

Fe is one of eight children born to Jewish-American mother Ruth Goldfein and father Joseph Williams who was Narragansett and Mexican-American. Her parents raised their eight children in downtown Los Angeles, California where Fe was encouraged to draw on the cement floors of their home.
At age 13 Fe won a scholarship to participate in a summer program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She has earned her B.A. degree from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Fe's work reflects social and cultural issues with themes centering around child abuse/neglect and the woman place in society. Swans and cats are common animals included in her work. Fe admits "The figures themselves are not anatomically correct-some have little definition. However, the faces are very defined, making the face the center of attention. My main concern is clearly with the relationships among these women's varying physical presence and at the same time bringing into equilibrium the active lines, and the colors that define them."


National Museum of Mexican Art
Museo Del Barrio - New York, New York
Carnegie Museum - Oxnard, California
Morris Graves Museum - Eureka, California
Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art - New York, New York
San Diego Art Museum - San Diego, California
Smithsonian Museum - Washington D.C.

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