Feng Feng, Chinese (1956 - )

Feng Feng

Born in Shenyang, Liaoning Province

1981 Graduated from Tianjin University, Tianjin, China
2003 Post graduate in material language of oil painting department, Central Academy of Fine Arts

Feng Feng - solo exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai
Group Exhibition, Reed Savage Gallery, Miami, Florida
Feng Feng and Qing Qing, Art Scene China, Shanghai
China International Gallery Expo (CIGE), Beijing

To the Tune of a Song As If a Dream, Solo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai
Romance Disaster, Group Exhibition, 798 Art Area, Beijing
The Second Beijing Biennial, 798 Art Area, Beijing
Feng Feng and Cai Zhi Song, Art Scene China, Shanghai

2004 The Romance the Three Kingdoms - Feng Feng Solo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai
Cohesion, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai
Group Exhibition, Kunstbunker, Munich, Germany
The 1st China Gallery Exposition, Beijing
Feng Feng, Yan Bo and Zhang Jin, Group Exhibition, 798 Art Area, Beijing
Feng Feng and Li Jin, Art Scene China, Shanghai
2003 The Art Scene in China, Art Scene Warehouse, Shanghai
Feng Feng Solo Exhibition, Art Scene China, Shanghai
Art Chicago 2003, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Spirit in Form, Art Scene China, Shanghai
2002 Contemporary Art from China, William Energy Tower Gallery, Houston, Texas
Nine Artists from China, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
Group Exhibitions, Macau Art Gallery, Macau
Seven Contemporary Artists from China, Clear Lake Arts Alliance Center, Houston, Texas
Feng Feng - Solo Exhibition, Qin Gallery, Beijing

2000 Feng Feng , International Art Gallery, Singapore
Feng Feng - Solo Exhibition, Jia Luo Art Gallery, Singapore
Feng Feng - Solo Exhibition, Central Art Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
1999 Feng Feng, Zhonghuan Art Gallery, Hong Kong
Feng Feng Solo Exhibition, Kechuang Art Museum, Beijing
1998 Feng Feng - Solo Exhibition, Shenxing Art Gallery, San Francisco
Group Exhibition, Melbourne Art Gallery, Australia

Artist's Statement

We have a history once grand but not forgotten. Time washes away the insignificant pieces and also permanently marks the milestones. A pat romance, the memories worshipped with deep passion as the colors of the past fade. The storms and lightening of history leave us their marks of divine madness and violence. Let us stand back and observe it, grasp it and sense it …the magnificence, power and charm, dignity and mystery…

In my mind, a painting is nothing more than a painting itself. I would prefer to say that I am more of a poet. It's a touch of loneliness and helplessness. Try to hear it and feel it … it is absolute beauty, but unspeakable melancholy, unstoppable, overflowing out of the ruins of the looming Beijing City, the darkness and the mist.

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