Juan Carlos Ferrigno, Argentine (1960 - )

Juan Carlos Ferrigno

Juan Carlos Ferrigno was born on May 25th, 1960 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he spent the first part of his life. There, he started his studies oriented towards graphic design and illustration; although he was still a child when he discovered motor racing world and was so impressed to the point that it became his great passion, so important for him to present.

Mr. Ferrigno started his professional career in 1978, working for more than eight years in one of the most prestigious illustration studios in Argentina, being part of remarkable projects such as the graphic promotion of various editions of Motorcycling Argentina Grand Prix.

As a free-lance illustrator (1985) his clients list included Marlboro, Renault, Aerolineas Argentinas, etc, and his paintings were also published in motor racing magazines as Corsa and Auto 2000. In the meantime, his career as a painter has already begun, participating in several solo and group exhibitions.

After that, Mr Ferrigno decided to join the Fine Arts School with the aim of improving his skills in art, in the field of painting. In 1988 at the end of his studies of Art, he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he continued his professional career as an artist, initially dedicated to illustrations for motor racing magazines as Solo Moto, Solo Auto, Diario Sport, Motociclismo, La Moto, Navegar o Motor Clásico, to name just a few. His paintings where known as corporate images for many different sport events as F1, Motocross, American Football, Motorcycling, Windsurf, Ski, etc.

In 1994 he organized his first Solo Exhibition in Barcelona; at this stage of life, he dedicated himself exclusively as an artist of motor racing topics, doing many exhibitions and leaving behind his career as an illustrator.

Winning the first price in Motoring Art Competition, promoted by a prestigious British company dedicated as managers of motor racing artists, that his artistic career would definitely take an international dimension. From 1997 Ferrigno joined Plannes International Events (P.I.E.) and under their management started a large series of lithographs of his paintings, focused mainly in modern F1 and at the same time holding exhibitions of his work all around Europe, including London and Monaco.

Published in 2000 by Haynes Publishing, “The Motorsport Art of Juan Carlos Ferrigno” by Christopher Hilton, being the first book about his paintings, since his starting point in Argentina, containing a summary from his early years up to his latest artworks.

As from 1998, he was invited by the F1 Paddock Club to join them in European F1 GPs to show the F1 paintings in circuits as: Monza, Nürburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, Monaco and Silverstone. For almost 10 years his paintings were part of the F1 Paddock Club and were offered to and purchased by their clients around the world.

To date, more than 50 editions of prints of his motor racing originals were published, important collectors and prominent personalities were captivated by Mr Ferrigno´s artwork, names like the British Racing Drivers Club, Eddie Jordan, Jody Scheckter, Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve, Ross Brawn, Sir Stirling Moss, Mick Jagger or Keith Richards, own his original paintings in their collections.

After more than 30 years devoted to art painting, Ferrigno reached a distinctive and unmistakable style highly rated not only by motor racing enthusiasts but also by fine art connoisseurs, that surely found in Ferrigno’s art, the most important thing an artist can express, love for what he paints.

Nowadays Ferrigno is fully dedicated to painting, making exhibitions regularly in London and Monaco, and also showing his original paintings at the F1 circuits of Bahrain and China, where he was invited recently.

His first exhibition on Marine Art took place in 2005; Barcelona Salón Náutico, as an example of his interest for this topic, that alongside music, shows his aim to project motion and action on his canvas.

He’s interested in being known not only for his motor racing paintings, but also about artwork on music, sailing, sports or whatever dynamic and colourful topics comes to his creative mind.


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