Rainer Fetting, German (1949 - )

Rainer Fetting

German artist Rainer Fetting was born in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. He first completed studies as a carpenter, then worked as a stage designer. In the years from 1972 to 1978 he was a student at the Academy of Art Berlin, Germany, where he was pupil of Professor Hans Jaenisch. In 1977 Fetter became a co-founder and member of the Galerie am Moritzplatz, in Berlin. In 1978 he received a German Exchange Grant (DAAD), which enabled him to travel to New York to work there.

Rainer Fetting is regarded as one of the important main figures of the German new expressionists, the new 'wild ones', or 'Junge Wilde'. For the phase of his wild painting, he used fast execution with bright colors. For subject matter, he often uses the big-city life and the night out.

In his work since 1982, Fetting has increasingly concerned himself with the depiction of the modern human condition. His view of the vulnerability of the individual in the face of an unintelligible and frequently hostile world puts Fetting in a tradition that stretches back through Kirchner and Nolde, to Van Gogh and Munch.

Another topic of his pictures is nature and the landscape. He also creates cycles of topics, often self-portraiture. The artist works with various techniques. Since the beginning of the eighties he has dedicated himself more artistically to the technology of photography.

Rainer Fetting divides his time living and painting both in New York and in Berlin, Germany.

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