Rich Fiedler, American (1945 - )

A native Greenporter, Rich Fiedler is one of the most widely regarded regional artists on the East End. His paintings of local subjects - tall ships, lighthouses, harbors, barns and beaches - capture the essence of the area.

Born in Greenport in 1945, Mr. Fiedler is the son of a commercial fisherman while in high school, he served as a cabin boy on commercial harpooning trips, and he financed his college education by fishing and lobstering. He attended State University in Farmingdale and New York Institue of Technology, graduating with a degree in art and design. After a stint in the army, where he worked as a graphic artist, Mr. Fiedler returned to Greenport and married Marilyn R. Price.
They have two children, Ricky and Morgant. His paintings have become very popular over the years. AMong the corporate collections that feature his work are those of the North Fork Bank Corp. and the American Medical Association in Chicago. His work has also appeared on several Yankee Magazine covers. He has exhibited at the Parish Art Museum in Southampton,, The EAst End Arts Council in Riverhead, Gallery East in East Hampton.

"Richard Fiedler is an artist for his time and place. Both he and his art are inextricably linked to the history, geography and the sprint of the East End as chronicled through the breadth of his personal vision and life experience. The North Fork environs and inhabitants are portrayed vividly in Fiedler's paintings, prints, and drawings.
The richness and texture the clarity of vision and the incredible and incomparable light are catured realistically through the lens of Fiedler's eye. The willing subjects of the land and sea find uncommon expression through the expert precision of his technique. Often a viewer can be fooled by the stark realism of his work, taking it for photography. Yet, this is painterly realism, transcending pure illustration, at its quintessential best.
Fiedler is one of our East End treasures - a master and proud ambassador. His art reflects where we have been and reminds us where we are going. It demands that we stop, even if for a moment, to reacquaint ourselves with the wonder of where we are." - Patricia Berman, Exec. Director East Ends Arts Council, Riverhead, NY.

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