Roberto Flores, Spanish (1967 - )

Roberto Flores

Academic information:

Graduated in Fine Arts, speciality Audio-visuals.

Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Lejona (Biscay), 1995.


Cartoonist for Spanish magazine "Super VW Magazine". (2008-09)

Cartoonist for French magazine “4x4 Story Spécial Jeep”. (2005-09)

Newspaper illustrator from local newspaper “La Estafeta de Navarra”. (2004-05)

Magazine "Rockabilly Monthly", Texas, USA. (2004)

British magazine "Jeep World". (2004)

Magazine "Auto Aventura 4x4”. (2002-07-08)

Magazine "Quads Adventure 4x4". (2004-07-8).

Modelling magazine “Hobby World”, illustrations and comic strips. (2000-01)

The magazine of Basque sport “Jai-Berri”. (2000-02)

The supplement of “Diario de Navarra” –local newspaper-, “Tierra Trágame” . (2000-01)

The scholar supplement “Aula de Noticias” for local newspaper “Diario de Noticias”. (2001-2004)

Magazine “VAD”. (1999-01)

The internal magazine of “Chiqui Park” company. (1998 until 2002)

Magazine “Empresarios”. (1997-98)

Campaign of social promotion for the Government of Navarre. (1997)

The magazine “El Planeta de la Nueva Generación”, comic strips, illustrations, and coordination of the comic section. (1996-98)

Company transport “La Montañesa, S.A.L.”, Christmas greeting cards. (1995-97)

Magazine “Pregón del s. Century XXI”. (1995-96)

Newspaper “Diario de Noticias”. (1994)

The weekly bulletin “Vida Universitaria”, of the University of Navarre. (1993)

Several internal publications of “Publisic” company. (1993)

Professional works:

Illustrations for adhesive stickers "Super VW Magazine", nº 33, 2009.

Live caricatures at Party "Seven Fitness", Botanic disco, 2009.

Live caricatures inauguration ceremony "Civi Vox Palacio del Condestable", Pamplona, 2009.

Live caricatures wedding at Villamayor de Monjardin, Estella, 2009.

Illustrations for adhesive stickers "GTI Tunning Magazine", nº 100, 2009.

30 m2 wall paint at “Kutxa Espacio” Museum, San Sebastián-Donostia. (2008)

Illustrations Santiago Way (pilgrims route north section) for “Consumer-Eroski” website. (2008)

Illustration for “Pick Up Meeting 2008”, Massia Pelarda. (2008)

Christmas cards for “Almohadas Moshy-Textiles Inducam”, “GazteLeku Ayuntamiento
de Villava”, “Clàssic Motor Club del Bages”, y “Otero & Ollo Comunicación”. (2007)

Comic strips for magazine “Sindicate AFAPNA”. (2007-08)

Artwork for a book devoted about human sexuality and anathomy, Scientific & Technologic Institute of Navarra. (2007)

Promotional merchandising for “TECNA” company, Navarra. (2007)

Christmas card for TV company “Canal 6”, Navarra. (2007)

Illustrations for “Vth Spanish National Congress of Lawyers”, Baluarte, Navarra. (2006)

Several illustrations for the Commerce Chamber of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Donostia-San Sebastian and Bilbao-Bilbo, commissioned ordered by “Algas Comunicación”. (2006)

Illustrations for “Consumer-Eroski” website, Santiago Way (pilgrims route). (2006)

Campaign fashion for establishment "La Tienda”. (2005)

Illustrations for company "Flames of War", New Zealand. (2005)

Logo for campaign of pharmaceutical laboratories "Farplus". (2005)

Illustrations for magazine "Xtreme Modelling". (2003-04)

Drawings for shcolar text book of musical thematic, "Music For All". (2003)

Winner next to “2002 Comunicación” of the Story aid and Musical Creation of the City council of Pamplona, Agenda 21. (2003)

Illustrations for campaign of scholar diffusion, Government of Navarre and “Camarena EPC”. (2003)

Illustrations for study of architecture “Lolagai”. (2003)

Architectonic illustrations for the promotion of Pamplona-Logroño highway, Government of Navarre & “Proyectar Navarra”. (2002)

Illustrations for pet company, for “MSG Servicios Integrales de Comunicación”. (2002)

Illustrations for manual published by the “Ceafa” and bank “La Caixa”. (2002)

Graphical works for book "Memory of the Basques in World War II", by M. Rodríguez, “Pamiela

Editorial”. (2002)

“Pancarta” for “Peña Sanferminera “Alegría de Iruña” (1999-2005)

“ “ “ “Anaitasuna”. (2003 until 2008)

“ “ “ “La Única”. (2003-04)

“ “ “ “Sanduzelai”. (2000 until 2008)

“ “ “ “San Fermin”. (2002)

“ “ “ “Mutilzarra”. (2001)

Illustrations for “Richmond-Santillana Editions”. (2000)

Illustrations for magazine “Euro Modelismo”. (2000-01)

Cartoon strips for the Japanese magazine “Armour Modelling”.(2001)

News articles on comics in “Diario de Navarra” and “Diario de Noticias”. (2001)

Illustrations for company of packaging “Infema”. (2000)

Several drawings for websites as Panzernet, The WWII Military Jeep Website, The Jeep CJ3B Site, Mil-Mod, WW2 Model Maker, etc. (1999-2001-02-03-04)

Illustration for “Eastern Front Hobbies”, Alabama,USA. (1999)

Illustrations for Info Clàssic, internal bulletin of the automobile association “Classic Motor Club

Club del Bages”. (1999 until 2005)

Caricaturist in “Canal 4 Television”, local TV channel. (1999)

Cartoonist and coordinator of the comic section of fanzine “1000 Vinos”. (1999)

Artwork for “Ediciones Almena”, “Serga” magazine. (1999)

Design of musical CDs: illustrations, covers, etc. (1999-2000)

Story boards and diverse illustrations for publicity agencies (Camarena EPC, Moment, MSG, JAC, etc.). (1999-2000)

Postals, calendars and decoration for diverse bars. (1997-98)

Poster for cultural group “Alaiz”. (1997)

Illustrations for the website of “Model Search International”, UK. (1997)

Lay-outs for animation company “Merlin Estudios”. (1996)

Wall paint for “Club Natación Pamplona”. (1995)

Christmas greeting card fof “Model Search International”, UK. (1995-96)

Illustration for magazine “Navarra Somos”. (1995)

Drawings for magazine “Auto Aventura 4x4”. (1996 and 1998)

Illustrations in “Bla-Blart”, publication of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lejona (Biscay). (1994)

Work of decoration for “Reyogui S.A.” (1994)

Professional experience like teacher of scale modelling at “Club Alaiz”. (2003-04)

Professor of comic, drawing. (2002 until 2005)

Professor of Graphical Design (Creativity and Photographic Adjustment) with Photoshop,

“Academia Sistema”. (2000-2001)

Monitor of scale modelling at “Club Irati” (1998 until 2000)

Monitor in comic at “Casa de la Juventud”, Pamplona. (1992-1993)

Professional merits:

Organizing the section of “Comic y Cortometrajes” for the “Festival Planet Pop”, Pamplona. (1997)

Selected in the “Contest of C&oacut

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