Roger Forissier, French (1924 - 2003)

Roger Forissier

Roger Forissier is a French painter born June 26, 1924 at Feurs in the Loire and died in 2003 at Recloses, aged 79 years.
Son of a mill manager, he finds himself in three months in Lyon and spent his youth in the district of La Guillotière, on the left bank of the Rhone. In 1927, the birth of his sister Christiane. Like many families, his parents planned for him a brilliant career, they thought of Saint-Cyr. But the young Roger thought only draw, and followed weekly during the drawing-Pierre Combet Descombes, (1885-1966) a painter from Lyon. Then he attended high school Ampère, still first in drawing or he sketched the drawing class, gouache with which he will receive a National Award in 1937 and the encouragement of his teacher Mr Bousquet.

He joined in 1942, the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon under the direction of Antoine Chartres (1905-1968), and divides his time between the haymaking, harvesting, and during the harvest, especially trying to escape the STO. He also leads his classmates in the creation of a small theater and musical activities which includes Mick Micheyl. Given these facts, two of his teachers, Mr Jacques Laplace (1890-1955), painter who noticed the quality of his work and Mr René Chancrin, (1911-1981), painter also enabled him to make the school cycle in two years instead of four years provided. After the Liberation he was in the Red Cross. The house of his parents disappeared in the bombing, he rented in 1945, a first workshop in the attic of a house on the banks of the Rhone. To improve his knowledge of modeling, and learn the fresco, he worked for a year and a half with the sculptor Louis Bertola, (1891-1973), Prix de Rome for sculpture in 1923. The house of his parents, place Jean Masse was repaired, he returned to live with them in 1946.

A National School of Fine Arts

In 1947 he moved to Paris, where he passed the entrance exam to the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Maurice Boitel, which starts in Algeria, he sold his shop 24 rue Bonaparte. Roger Forissier then moved to the Villa des Lyonnais, at No. 18 rue Ledion in the fourteenth arrondissement2. He studied fresco with Pierre-Henri Ducos de La Haille, (1889-1972) made a passage through the workshop of Nicolas Untersteller, (1900-1967) and includes the workshop of Jean Dupas (1882-1964) where he will knowledge in this workshop: Jean-Pierre Alaux, Jean Monneret, Jean Joyet; Gabriel Deschamps, Roger Festernaz; Geoffroy Dauvergne, he will find at Casa Velasquez. In addition to the four workshops of Fine Arts: painting, sculpture, printmaking, architecture, all that happy team attended the workshop said the fifth Workshop Malafosse, bistro on the corner of the Rue Bonaparte, and the dock that was a man named Malaquais Malafosse called "Mala" . In front, René Béhéret, print dealer who took a few pictures to students and Forissier allowed to sell his first painting.
He created: The Group of Lyonnais as others had done the Group of Marseille and several other artists or assembled in their home region. This small group will fall apart in 1955. It had its heyday in an exhibition with six exhibitors Bd Hausmann Lyon Edouard Herriot and for which he wrote the foreword to the brochure it.

New School of Paris

Figurative painter, he is one of the young painters of the New School of Paris gathered at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture with Bernard Buffet, Jean-Pierre Alaux, Jean Joyet, Maurice Boitel, Jean Jansem, Michel Henry, Pierre-Henry, Monique JOURNOD, Vignoles André, Jean-Pierre POPHILLAT, etc. Xavier Valls. In 1951 he met at the Salon d'Automne the painter and engraver art historian and critic Jean-Eugène Bersier, (1895-1978), who recommended Holland to his lights. In 1951 - 1952, it is in Amsterdam at Villa Descartes, he is fascinated by the landscapes, it is 27 years old. The same year the winner here is the Casa de Velazquez and he moved to Madrid where he will meet with the contrasts of lights and colors of Spain. In 1952 - 1953, part of the 23rd art promotion with his friends: Mickaël Companion, Emile Courtin, Dauvergne Geoffroy, Jean Fréour, Remigio Martin Hernandez, Genevieve Laurent, Jean Mamez Rene Quillivic member of the Institute, Dominique Sanchez, Bachir Yelles, Minister and Director of the School of Fine Arts of Algiers, Albert Zavaro and Vladimir Couprianoff the only architect of the promotion.
He will travel to Holland: Dordrecht, Amsterdam, (1952 - 1959 to 1960), Spain, the Canary Islands and Morocco (1953) - (1972) on the Rhine at Nijmegen (1959) and others will travel Italy, Morocco, Switzerland, Austria, (1979 -1980 etc.) Denmark (1972), Japan, Egypt, (1980), Greece, America, (1981), but also in France: Rouergue, (1955) United Kingdom (1960 ) Sologne (1962) and the South.
He became a member of the Academy Henri Boitiat chaired by his friend Paul Ambille. In Morocco, it uses the technique of watercolor books and made many trips in October 1954, he married Nathalie Chabrier, when he had just obtained a state scholarship of Fine Arts. Nathalie is also a painter. They exhibited together in 1956 after painting in the Rouergue. In 1957, he met the sculptor Marcel Gimond, (1894-1961) and his death he founded a committee to perpetuate his memory.
In 1962 and 1964, he painted in the south of France, to St. Raphael and Menton, and Bargemon alongside the poet Marcel Sauvage, his friend. He met the agency Marie-Claire Alain in 1972 that seek to expose the paintings to the festival of Saint-Donat, in the Drôme.
In 1964, met Jean Cocteau, birth of her daughter Sandrine, then a car accident left him with scars invisible but irreversible, gradually losing his hearing. He settled in a workshop Recloses in the forest of Fontainebleau. It is painted in Saint-Mammès on the banks of the Seine and the Loing at Chailly and Barbizon Marlotte.De Bourron-1965-1970, it will peidre in Amsterdam, in southern Morocco. He exhibits in Switzerland. Dunoyer de Segonzac buys a watercolor in 1969, and Mrs. Albert Marquet, invited him to come and work in the studio of her husband at 25 Quai des Grands-Augustins.
In 1980, he lost his mother in 1981, the couple Forissier part in New York. He is delighted and will return many times. There are going to paint on his first voyage around twenty large paintings. He toured the major cities of the United States and visit the province of Quebec. He returned to work in New York in 1982-1984.

He organized the Salon de Fontainebleau in 1985, a tribute to Robert Humblot, (1907-1962)

Sociable man, fond of being surrounded and knowing take initiatives and assume responsibilities. He painted thousands of paintings, including a very large proportion of landscapes, still lifes and portraits. He died in 2003 at his home Recloses where a plaque will be affixed by the Municipality in 2005 as a tribute to this great artist.

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