Darrell Fusaro, American (1962 - )

Darrell Fusaro

Darrell Fusaro, born 1962, in Passaic, NJ, now resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Fusaro is known primarily for his series of paintings: GROWN UPS. These are a few examples. This series contained over 100 paintings. Each one is an ironic view of reality; a child's interpretation of the grown up world. It was after Darrell Fusaro exhibited with ANDY WARHOL in the exhibition SERIOUS FUN, SERIOUS ART, that he began to develop these thought provoking narrative pieces.

"Fusaro’s series of pastel works applied to wet paper will reunite you with your long lost childhood friends. But be warned – they’ve been through a lot since last you saw them, and you may find they’re not who you thought they were. In ‘Grown-Ups‘, Fusaro uses the familiar toys to tell disturbing tales of America, his own troubled childhood in New Jersey and, ultimately, everyone’s childhood. - The playful toys and the beautiful colors Fusaro uses deceive expectations. These elements lure you in and then before you know it, emotions take over and he puts us back in touch with the equivalent elements in our unconscious, many of which are the same as those in his. Similarly, we come to the gallery as adults, but the depictions of Fisher Price toys send us back to where we started. For the time we stand before the works, we straddle the line between adult and child."

-excerpt from The Villager, NY, feature story & review by Traci Kampel

Artist Darrell Fusaro is a sought after speaker on the topics of Leadership and Positive Mindset. Author of What if Godzilla Wanted a Hug? Leading With The Heart Instead of The Chin and co-host of the internationally popular podcast, Funniest Thing! With Darrell and Ed. He is considered a mentor by many Fortune 500 CEOs and VPs.

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