Isabel Gamerov, American (1943 - )

American contemporary expressionist painter, Isabel Gamerov has always been a true colorist easily recognized by unbridled energy, technique, and rhythm. Her style although mainly expressionistic can also be described as post-impressionist a description that applies particularly to her work created in recent years and throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Her refreshing and picturesque landscapes are distinguished by the skillful injection of life while her still-lifes emphasize the merging of drawing composition, color, and artistic design. Moreover, for the past few years her contemporary abstract paintings have been widely acclaimed and well received by serious collectors.

She studied for several years at the Art Students League of New York with Thomas Fogarty, Daniel Dickerson, Xavier Gonzales, Leatrice Rose, Kenneth McIndoe and Leo Manso where several of her paintings received critical acclaim. Moreover, in 1989 she received her first major competitive prize from the League by earning the highly coveted National Merit Scholarship award. Currently, she is a life-member of the League and also trained with Betty Holiday at the Five Towns Music and Art Foundation.

Isabel's work has been viewed at the Art Students League of New York, The Stuart Gallery, Owl 57 Gallery and in recent years at Wally Findlay Galleries, International. Her paintings, including commissioned pieces are currently held in a number of private collections in New York, Palm Beach, Scottsdale and Long Island.

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