Dan Gandre, French (1938 - )

Dan Gandre
Dan Gandre was born at Belleville (France) in 1938. The first steps he did, were in the street. His first friends: gypsies who teach him the things of the life and give him the taste of art.

School, for him, is the street and then there is the War, the Liberation.

Dan Gandre joins the army for 5 years, then he discovers a job which becomes his passion: the staff.

After some years, he becomes a real professional. He decorates, transforms, embellishes restaurants, places, embassies. His masterpiece: restauration of the famous Palais des Glaces of Versailles.

A terrible family tragedy upsets his life and isolates him from the rest of the world. From the deep of his silence and his loneliness, he discovers love and painting, the one very tied to the other. The poet is writing verses for his beloved. The solitary artist is painting with out a break seven to eight hours per day, and then more, fifteen hours. He will be perfect as well in love as in art.

He learns, decovers, creates, without any system, without concession or conformisme.

He is painting without drawing. He starts on the top of picture. His only aim: doing better and better.
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