Josep María García Llort, Spanish (1921 - 2003)

Josep Maria Garcia-Llort, avant-garde Catalan painter linked to Cercle Maillol and the salons in October, was born in Barcelona in 1921.

Initially influenced by Pablo Picasso, his works were still some expressionism, with flat colors, thick lines and grotesque figures. Later, headed for surrealism.

It was formed mainly in the Escola Massana and Llotja Barcelona, but also received classes in drawing and FAD in the Cercle Artistic. In 1948 he made his first exhibition in the hall Caralt

At the beginning of the 50 he settled in Paris, thanks to a grant from the French state. There he met Antoni Tapies, Josep Palau i Fabre and Albert Ràfosls-Casamada, among other artists of prestige.

In 1953, she married the painter also Martha Crocket and setrasladó to Pineville (Louisiana). At the time, had his studio in New York for what happened there too long periods.

In 1960 he returned permanently to Barcelona, where he began to exhibit regularly in several galleries and illustrated the first edition of Da nuces pueris, Gabriel Ferrater.

Throughout his career exhibited in cities like New Orleans, New York, Paris, Porto Alegre, Madrid and Bilbao. His last solo show was picked up in 2000 in Barcelona.

He died on August 19, 2003 in Barcelona, to 82 years.

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