Philippe Garouste de Clauzade, French (1922 - )

Philippe Garouste Clauzade was born in Paris of May 26 1922 lorraine mother and father Gascon, he lives in the capital and then falls Saintonge.
He now lives in Provence: La Font du Pin, 84460 Cheval-Blanc, Vaucluse.

After studying at the Fine Arts and Applied Arts in Paris, he settled first in Haute Loire, and in Lorraine, where he founded an art movement in Toul. Then, in Saintonge Riviera, he left France for Egypt. He returned to Paris in 1955 with Nadia, his wife, herself an artist. (Now deceased). In 1963 he moved to Provence where he painted, he exposes and teaches ...

In 1982, a renewal of inspiration from the incentive America. He travels: Texas, Arizona, New York, California. He stayed in Dallas, state, without leaving it to Provence, where it is now installed. The town of Cavaillon honored him: in 1966 the hospital welcomes first exhibition in 1967 the city hall receives the second and in 1974 it was at the Grand Convent Chapel stands as the third, before his works began to roam the galleries of the United States and especially Texas.

Selected Exhibitions

2007 Cheval Blanc Bleu Provence - France.
2006 Gallery of cultural space Châteaurenard - France.
2005 St Remy de Provence - France.
1999 Museum of Saintes, hall of the Jacobins - France.
1998 Galerie l'Embellie in Montreux - Switzerland.
1997 "Looking Back" St Etienne - France.
1996 Province of Hainaut - Belgium. 1995 House Quaregnon - Belgium.
1993 Gallery Doudou Bayol, St Remy de Provence - France.
1992 The Man Who Laughs Gallery, Brussels - Belgium. Gallery Heliane Fossard, Hyeres - France.
1990 Performing Arts Center, Garland / Dallas - Texas, USA. I.U.T.
A. P. Art Gallery, St Etienne - France.
Château de la Tour d'Aigues - France.
Galerie Motte - Switzerland.
Eye Gallery 1989 Dense, Paris - France. Castle Museum Edgar Melik, Cabriès - France.
1988 The Crescent Gallery, Dallas, Texas - USA. 1985 Galerie Motte, Geneva - Switzerland.
1983 Franco American Chamber of Commerce - USA.
Plaza of the Americas, Dallas, Texas - USA.
Collector's Choice Gallery, Dallas, Texas - USA.

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