Charles Dana Gibson, American (1867 - 1944)

Charles Dana Gibson was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1867. A talented artist, Gibson sold his first drawing to Life Magazine when he was only 19. His early influences include Howard Pyle, Charles Keene and Phil May.

After studying at the Arts Students League in New York his illustrations were published in Harper's Weekly. and Scribner's Magazine. Gibson eventually obtained a full-time post with Life Magazine, where he became famous for his drawings of American high society. The young women in his drawings became known as Gibson Girls.

Gibson eventually became the owner and editor of Life Magazine.

The "Gibson Girl" was created by Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944). The Gibson Girl was, at once, a series of illustrations, a "look", an influence on fashion and publications for 20 years, and even a doll modeled on the look; the Victorian "glamour girl". Massachusetts born Gibson was an acclaimed artist in oils, writer, and master artist in black and white drawing where he was known for his skillful, somewhat satirical portrayals of society life.

He is best known for capturing the spirit of an era in his drawings which appeared in many publications, including Life magazine. The original inspiration for the Gibson girl was apparently the Paris-originated mannish, tailored suits for women of the late 1800s. Variations of the mode, with long flaring skirts, shirtwaist bodices, close-fitting sleeves, and high necks, persisted until about 1910.

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