Vittorio Giorgini, Italian (1926 - )

 Vittorio Giorgini has dedicated his life to studying the relationship between architecture and biological systems. It was formed in Florence rich cultural ferment of the fifties and sixties and was a protagonist of the Florentine culture during the second postwar period, although it was only later recognized the importance of his work and his stimulating contribution to architecture and the Italian world.

Pupil of Leonardo Savioli, became known as Saldarini House (1962), zoomorphic house situated on the Gulf of Baratti, with its membrane structures anticipated a quarter-century what he did in Frank Gehry Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Giorgini Having worked with the same Savioli, by Ludovico Quaroni and Edoardo These, he moved from 1969 to the United States of America, conducting the business of teaching in the School of Architecture of Pratt Institute in New York.

Giorgini may be called an architect morphology, where morphology is the architect who collect data and observations on the natural structures, which he compares the answers given in nature to create works that integrate and inspire you to nature itself. Morphology architects who have created biomorphic structures to which you can associate Giorgini is Frei Otto, Peter Pearce and Haresh Lalvani.

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